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February 2019

Homeschool Planet How to Stay on Track button

How to Stay on Track and Keep All the Children’s Schedules in Order

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When I first started homeschooling, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. It was like a whirlwind and I was just along for the ride. I was initially so excited about homeschooling my kids that I honestly didn’t plan like I should have or go in it with realistic expectations. Staying on track and keeping my children’s schedules in order was just not something that happened my first year. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Homeschool Hearts & Minds Susan Anadale button

An Amazing Tool to Help You Organize Your Homeschool

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We are featuring today Susan Anadale’s review from Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. Susan has children in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th grade. Let’s just say her expertise in homeschooling is nothing short of invaluable. Her website shares how she has chosen to help her children learn, homeschooling reviews, and free homeschool resources and printables. We are glad Susan has stuck around to share her wisdom with the rest of us. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Creative Madness Mama Margaret Chind button

This is Truly the BEST Online Planner

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Margaret Chind of Creative Madness is our featured Homeschool Planet reviewer today. We are glad that Margaret has chosen to share her creative madness with the world, as she says. Margaret is part of the Review Crew who reviews anything from books to curriculum. I love reading their honest reviews and I am grateful for how many families they have helped throughout the years. Creative Madness shares insight into family life, homeschooling, random thoughts, and reviews. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Table Life Blog Emily Copeland button

This Homeschool Planner Online is Sure to Win You Over

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Table Life Blog from Emily Copeland has provided our featured review for the week. Emily is a mother of two sharing practical ideas for home education and encouragement to most of life’s moments around the dinner table. Emily is equipping moms everywhere with homeschool art ideas, curriculum reviews, book lists, unit study resources, help for new homeschooling moms and reminders that we can do it. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Proverbial Homemaker Tauna Meyer button

You will LOVE this Online Homeschool Planner

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Today we are highlighting a Homeschool Planet review from Tauna, the writer of Proverbial Homemaker. Tauna is a wife and mom to five beautiful kids who are loud, messy, but AMAZING. Proverbial Homemaker encourages and connects you with tools and resources to help you in your daily life. You will find topics on encouragement for your walk with Christ, biblical marriage and parenting, keeping the home, frugal living, giveaways, reviews, and freebies. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Castle View Academy Crystal McClean button

Your Favorite Homeschool Planner to Organize Life

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This week we are highlighting a review from Crystal McClean of Castle View Academy. Crystal is a mother of two wonderful children, who has found her way to the home education path to learning. Her Castle View Academy site is full of delightful information on frugal living and inspiration to help you in your homeschooling journey. It doesn’t stop there. Crystal also provides a vast array of resources for learning, creativity, recipes, and family life. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by KGB That's Me Kelly Burgess button

Organize Your Homeschool, Home and Whole LIFE with a Perfectly Designed Planner

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Kelly of KGB That’s Me! is this week’s feature reviewer for Homeschool Planet. Kelly Burgess is a homeschool blogger who blogs about her life and times in northern Texas. Kelly is a Christian homeschooling mom of 3 growing children. She currently serves on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew where she reviews anything from single products to homeschool resources–and everything in between. Read More

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