More Information About Continuing with Homeschool Planet

Dear Homeschool Planet Subscriber,

We realize that there has been some confusion concerning your Homeschool Planet account and we wanted to explain what has happened so that you can have total confidence moving forward.

Here’s What Happened

Until recently, Homeschool Planet was sold and supported exclusively by The Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  As of November 19, 2018, however, the Co-op stopped selling Homeschool Planet and stopped charging monthly subscribers for their ongoing subscriptions.  Additionally, the Co-op no longer provides support to Homeschool Planet subscribers.  The Co-op sent an email to existing subscribers announcing the change, but you may not have received their email.

What This Means for You

Now that the Co-op is no longer selling Homeschool Planet and no longer charging you for your subscription, the only way to continue with your subscription is to renew directly with us — the Homeschool Planet company.  And, the only want to get support is directly from us.

Not to worry!  All of your planner information is intact and nothing will change except that going forward you will be charged by Homeschool Planet instead of the Co-op, and you’ll receive support from us instead of from the Co-op.

The creators of Homeschool Planet, some of whom used to work for the Co-op, now work for Homeschool Planet, and we have added several wonderful new people to our Planeteer family to be better able to serve you in the future from our newly designed website at:

What Does the Future Look Like?

We will continue to develop and refine what is already the most full-featured homeschool planner available on the market. We will be releasing new lesson plans regularly and seeking new ways to better serve YOU, a member of our Planeteer family. We welcome your input and suggestions for how this planner can better meet your needs. We also LOVE hearing what lesson plans you would like to see developed.

What You Need to Do

As you have never actually placed an order directly from us, all you need to do is decide whether you want to continue with a monthly or annual subscription to Homeschool Planet, and then purchase it directly from us.  You will no longer be charged by the Co-op.  Just select the button for your choice below.  Once you have entered new payment information into your account it will renew automatically until such time as you desire to cancel the service.

Make sure you check out our Lesson Plan Marketplace too!

We are so appreciative of you and hope that you will enjoy the fresh new look of our website and the ease of finding your subscription and lesson plans in the same place.  

Thanks for being a subscriber of Homeschool Planet.

Most sincerely,

Brett, Joe, Robyn, and the entire Homeschool Planet family