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4 Tips for Homeschooling Students With ADHD

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Homeschooling students with ADHD is challenging, but as a mom who has graduated two of these amazing human beings from her homeschool, Melissa can tell you that every struggle is worth it. A special welcome to Dr. Melissa Felkins as our guest writer today.

4 Tips for Homeschooling Students with ADHD

Although you can never expect smooth sailing all the time, there are some simple strategies that will keep you in calm waters much more often.

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Homeschool Planet - Homeschool tips when mom needs a sick day

Homeschool Tips When Mom Needs a Sick Day

By | Homeschool Encouragement

Homeschool moms are used to balancing math quizzes, making dinner, and taking a sick child’s temperature. Chaotic days are simply a part of the homeschool life. Homeschool moms play janitor, cafeteria lady, and teacher. So what happens when it’s mom who needs a sick day? Here are some tips to help moms recover and rest while learning still goes on. Read More

Homeschool Planet Teaching your kids Time Management Blogspot button

Teaching Your Kids Time Management

By | Homeschool Encouragement

Teaching life skills to our children is just as important as teaching them their core subjects. I am sure that statement is debatable, but it isworth taking a moment to consider. A life skill that can be taught from an early age is time management. Teaching your children time management takes some effort but will help them exponentially. Read More

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