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Homeschool Planet review by Lille Dunkin' by Linsey Kner button

An Affordable Way to Manage Your School, Home, and Even Track Chores

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We are featuring today Lille Punkin’s featured review by Linsey Knerl for Homeschool Planet’s online homeschooling planner. Linsey is the homeschool blogger mom behind Lille Punkin’. She has 6 children and lives on a 4-acre farm in Nebraska with her husband, dogs, cats, tons of chickens, geese, and turkeys. Linsey has spoken in many engagements and has received mentions in The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times online edition, The Boston Globe, The Buffalo News, LifeHacker, The Simple Dollar, The Consumerist, and TIME Magazine, and NPR’s The Real Life Survival Guide with Bruce Barber. Linsey blogs about food, entertainment, travel, and homeschooling. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Up Above the Rowan Tree button

Discover a Thorough, Comprehensive, and Easy-To-Use Method for Homeschool Planning

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This week we are delighted to share Up Above the Rowan Tree’s Homeschool Planet review from Nadine Dyer. Nadine is a homeschooling mom of two and wife who lives in the beautiful, rugged, and sometimes chilly Northern Ontario. Nadine hopes homeschoolers can come to her blog for encouragement, ideas, support, and hopefully a little fun along the way. Up Above the Rowan Tree shares insight on classical education, secular homeschooling, help for the anxious mom, resources, and reviews that help you on your homeschool journey. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Great Peace Academy button

Organize the Year with an Amazing Homeschool Planner

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We are happy to share with you Renee Brown’s review of Homeschool Planet on her site, Great Peace Academy.  Renee is a Christian, wife, and a homeschool mom. She shares tips, resources, and information to help us seek peace in life, marriage, and motherhood. Renee also is a virtual assistant who creates memes for the busy entrepreneurs who need quality memes to market and share their message or products. You can find her also at Great Peace Virtual Assistance to check out her amazing images. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Rainy Day & Mom Days button

Bottom Line – I Wish I Used this Homeschool Planner Earlier

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Rheea Hermoso-Prudente from Rainy Days and Mom Days is our featured homeschool blogger today for her Homeschool Planet review. Rheea is awesome at sharing her stories, experiences, lessons learned, struggles, and triumphs with moms who sometimes feel they are alone. Her site is full of insight on homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, relationships, sharing things that have helped her along the way, and her reeflections (yes, that is the correct spelling) on life’s happenings. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Homeschool Hideout Tiffany Jordon button

Need a Homeschool Planner Unlike Any Other?

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We are happy to feature today the Homeschool Hideout review of Homeschool Planet from Tiffany Jordan. Tiffany is a homeschool mom blogger who loves writing and having fun adventures in her homeschool. Being a stay-at-home mom has led Tiffany to understand the struggles that many homeschool families face. She enjoys helping homeschooling families with some laughs and learning tricks and tips for hands-on parenting, mom life and home education. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Homeschool Hearts & Minds Susan Anadale button

An Amazing Tool to Help You Organize Your Homeschool

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We are featuring today Susan Anadale’s review from Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. Susan has children in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th grade. Let’s just say her expertise in homeschooling is nothing short of invaluable. Her website shares how she has chosen to help her children learn, homeschooling reviews, and free homeschool resources and printables. We are glad Susan has stuck around to share her wisdom with the rest of us. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Creative Madness Mama Margaret Chind button

This is Truly the BEST Online Planner

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Margaret Chind of Creative Madness is our featured Homeschool Planet reviewer today. We are glad that Margaret has chosen to share her creative madness with the world, as she says. Margaret is part of the Review Crew who reviews anything from books to curriculum. I love reading their honest reviews and I am grateful for how many families they have helped throughout the years. Creative Madness shares insight into family life, homeschooling, random thoughts, and reviews. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Table Life Blog Emily Copeland button

This Homeschool Planner Online is Sure to Win You Over

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Table Life Blog from Emily Copeland has provided our featured review for the week. Emily is a mother of two sharing practical ideas for home education and encouragement to most of life’s moments around the dinner table. Emily is equipping moms everywhere with homeschool art ideas, curriculum reviews, book lists, unit study resources, help for new homeschooling moms and reminders that we can do it. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Proverbial Homemaker Tauna Meyer button

You will LOVE this Online Homeschool Planner

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Today we are highlighting a Homeschool Planet review from Tauna, the writer of Proverbial Homemaker. Tauna is a wife and mom to five beautiful kids who are loud, messy, but AMAZING. Proverbial Homemaker encourages and connects you with tools and resources to help you in your daily life. You will find topics on encouragement for your walk with Christ, biblical marriage and parenting, keeping the home, frugal living, giveaways, reviews, and freebies. Read More

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