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Homeschool Planet review by Rock Your Homeschool Amy Milcic button

Maximize Your Busy Family’s Time with an Online Homeschool Planner

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We are excited to feature a review from Amy Milcic of the awesome Rock Your Homeschool blog. Amy is a busy homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys; she knows all about the frustrations of trying to do too much. She found a way to get her family to grow and learn together that I know you will enjoy reading about on her blog. Rock Your Homeschool shares insight on homeschooling, fun learning resources, help for moms, and much more. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Castle View Academy Crystal McClean button

Your Favorite Homeschool Planner to Organize Life

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This week we are highlighting a review from Crystal McClean of Castle View Academy. Crystal is a mother of two wonderful children, who has found her way to the home education path to learning. Her Castle View Academy site is full of delightful information on frugal living and inspiration to help you in your homeschooling journey. It doesn’t stop there. Crystal also provides a vast array of resources for learning, creativity, recipes, and family life. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by KGB That's Me Kelly Burgess button

Organize Your Homeschool, Home and Whole LIFE with a Perfectly Designed Planner

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Kelly of KGB That’s Me! is this week’s feature reviewer for Homeschool Planet. Kelly Burgess is a homeschool blogger who blogs about her life and times in northern Texas. Kelly is a Christian homeschooling mom of 3 growing children. She currently serves on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew where she reviews anything from single products to homeschool resources–and everything in between. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Triumphant Learning button

The BEST Homeschool Planner Online

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Today we are featuring a review from Crystal Wagner of Triumphant Learning. Crystal is a homeschool blogger who helps many overwhelmed moms and new homeschooling moms implement an engaging, rigorous homeschool education. Through her consulting services, she can work with you to develop an educational plan tailored specifically to your children and family’s needs. She also helps families on their homeschool journeys with her All in a Homeschool Day podcast and her blog. From start to finish, Crystal has a wealth of knowledge you will want to glean from. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Practical, By Default button

Replace the Weekly Planners for ALL Your Children with Homeschool Planet

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We are featuring today, a review from homeschool blogger Jennifer Mackinnon with Practical, By Default. Jennifer’s website encourages, supports, and inspires moms to juggle homeschool and work life. Balancing these two aren’t the easiest but thankfully bloggers like Jennifer share their favorite homeschool resources, printables, homeschool books, and freebies to make things a little easier for us to cope. She even has a Homeschool Mom Book Club to discuss and read books to help moms in—well, in life! Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Classically Homeschooling button

The Most Simple, Elegant Online Homeschool Organizer

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Today we want to share a review from homeschool blogger, Sara Dennis with Classically Homeschooling. At Classically Homeschooling, Sara shares simple tips that help moms enjoy homeschooling their children. In her discovery of classical education, she found ways to simplify and organize homeschool while still managing to create a thriving home. We are grateful Sara chose to help others with this method. She shows how we can have time to quietly sip our cup-of-joe and have our children eager for school in the mornings. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Cornerstone Confessions button

The Homeschool Planet Planner is Pretty Close to Perfect

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“Pretty close to perfect” is pretty awesome! We appreciate these kind words from Kathy Gossen, a homeschool blogger from Cornerstone Confessions, in her review of Homeschool Planet. Kathy’s website is aimed at encouraging women in Christ with resources that help teach our children, reach our goals, and love those around us. She is the wife of a farmer’s son, a homeschooling mom to three beautiful girls, and an Okie (Oklahoma native) inside and out. Read More

Homeschool Planet Big Weight off your shoulders review by Tree Valley Academy button

Homeschool Planet Took a BIG Weight off this Mom’s Shoulders; It Can Do the Same for You

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Melanie from Tree Valley Academy has reviewed Homeschool Planet and hasn’t looked back since. We are showcasing Melanie’s review today to share how Homeschool Planet has taken a BIG weight off her shoulders. Melanie’s site brings country living nature to her homeschooling help page. She provides gradespecific resources, reading, math, and even numerous homeschooling lessons online in French! Read More

Homeschool Planet Big Bomb of Awesomeness review by Talking Mom2Mom button

Homeschool Planet is…A Big Bomb of Awesomeness

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Lindsey from Talking Mom2Mom is the homeschool blogger providing this review. Lindsey is a stay at home, work from home mom to six children who are ten years and younger. Lindsey’s blog is full of goodies including a homeschool mom podcast, free homeschooling resources, and recipes your whole family will love. Her Talking Mom2Mom podcast is full of topics that impact moms with understanding, encouragement, and humor. Read More

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