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This week we are delighted to share Up Above the Rowan Tree’s Homeschool Planet review from Nadine Dyer. Nadine is a homeschooling mom of two and wife who lives in the beautiful, rugged, and sometimes chilly Northern Ontario. Nadine hopes homeschoolers can come to her blog for encouragement, ideas, support, and hopefully a little fun along the way. Up Above the Rowan Tree shares insight on classical education, secular homeschooling, help for the anxious mom, resources, and reviews that help you on your homeschool journey.In Nadine’s review, she talks about the convenience of having a planner that allows for you to work “on the road”, in the car, at the library, or any number of places to save space and paper. She was excited to use Homeschool Planet when she found how easy it was to work with, to customize, and to create lesson plans.

Did you know that in choosing Homeschool Planet’s lesson plans, all you have to do is select the lesson plan, purchase it, and it automatically gets slotted in your homeschooling schedule on the Homeschool Planet online planner?

“I was so excited to get digging into Homeschool Planet – once I got it set up, it was SO easy to work with. From easily customizable profiles and settings to pre-created lesson plans – and so many other features in between – Homeschool Planet really is a thorough, comprehensive and easy-to-use method of homeschool planning.”

Click here to read Nadine’s review of Homeschool Plant on Up Above the Rowan Tree.


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At last — an easy, flexible, full-featured online planner that doesn’t require hours to learn. Just launch, click on the calendar, and start adding classes, assignments, and appointments!

With Homeschool Planet lesson plans, homeschooling has never been easier!

Jeannette Tuionetoa

Author Jeannette Tuionetoa

Jeannette is a wife, mother and homeschooling mom. She has been mightily, saved by grace and is grateful for God’s sovereignty throughout her life’s journey. She has a Bachelor in English Education and her MBA. Jeannette is bi-lingual and currently lives in the Tongan Islands of the South Pacific. She posts daily freebies for homeschoolers!

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