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I have been using Homeschool Planet since the Fall of 2016. After reading a few reviews I knew I had found my match. I was in love with all of its intuitive features. It was like they knew what I needed before I knew what I needed…

Lindsey StombergTalking mom2mom

Homeschool Planet has quickly become a favorite planning tool. I love when I find a resource that I can personalize to fit my needs. Each home and family is different but we all need some organization to brings our good intentions into reality...

Angela Awald

Testimonials from Homeschool Planet Subscribers

This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would allow me to do my planning in advance, that the boys could access and work on their own. Before, I had been creating a weekly schedule on paper, creating my lesson plans in a spreadsheet, and tracking work and grades in a notebook. Now, I have it all online in one place. It rolls so many things into one, it’s keeping me better organized as well as the boys.

Lori K.

As homeschoolers we don’t just do school, we live school. I have tried dozens of homeschool planners and schedulers over the last 12 years, never finding one that was completely perfect for us. Then I tried Homeschool Planet and I was sold right away! It’s the perfect family organizer, school organizer, planning program, etc. It does any and everything you’d ever need while being easy to use! I highly recommend Homeschool Planet for every homeschooling family!

Niki M