The World’s Best Homeschool Planner

“Homeschool Planet has all of the features you expect in a computer-based planner and then some.”
– Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy Reviews

“… a big bomb of awesomeness”
– Lindsey Stromberg, Talking mom2mom

“I really can’t rave enough about this program.”
– Kelly Burgess, KGB That’s Me!

“This truly has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.”
– Melanie Thomas, Tree Valley Academy

“A simple, elegant online homeschool organizer.”
– Sara Dennis, Classically Homeschooling

“It’s awesome. Seriously.  Awesome.”
– Susan, Fried Clams and Sweet Tea

“This is simply the best planner I’ve ever seen in 14 years of homeschooling…”
– Meg, Homeschool Gameschool

“I wish I would’ve tried Homeschool Planet a long time ago!”
– Meg, Not The Former Things

“Done.  Hooked.  I love it.”
– Angie Wright, Pebblekeeper

“I can breath again.  Thank you, Homeschool Planet.”
– Richele McFarlin, Talking mom2mom

“…a wonderful product…”
– Brenda Prince, Counting Pinecones

“The last homeschool planner I will ever need.”
– Jennifer, Mama Jenn

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Homeschool Planet — 2 for 2!

Enjoy 2 months for just $2 with a coupon code, then continue on a monthly or annual basis.

At last — an easy, flexible, full-featured online planner that doesn’t require hours to learn. Just launch, click on the calendar, and start adding classes, assignments, and appointments!

Note:  This offer is valid for new subscribers only.

Everything You Need, When You Need It, in One Place:

  • A Calendar View that lets you see anybody’s or everybody’s calendars at once
  • A Planner View with a simple list of everything you need to do and when
  • A Resource View that shows you all the books, DVDs, websites and more that you are using for your lessons
  • Lesson plans tailored to your needs, or pre-made for popular curriculum with assignments, web links, notes, and more – in one click! “The lesson planning section is where I think Homeschool Planet really shines.” – Cathy Duffy.  Here are just a few:
  • Separate logins for kids to view their assignments and check them off when completed.
  • Color coding, by student, class, activity, category, and subject
  • Daily Digest emails to everyone in your family with their own schedule, assignments, and chores for the day
  • Mobile Version — Ability to view and edit (with some limitations) your calendar on SmartPhones and tablets
  • Calendar sharing — View the contents of your spouse’s Google Calendar inside Homeschool Planet, and vice versa! This also works with Apple iCal and other online calendars.

Homeschool Planet is, quite literally, a control panel for your life! To use it, all you need is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection.

Enjoy the first 2 months for 2 dollars with your coupon code, then continue with a monthly subscription ($7.95/month) or annually ($69.95 — BEST VALUE!)

Note:  This offer is valid for new subscribers only.