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Easy peasy!

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I really like the friendly interface of Homeschool Planet. It is user friendly an easy to navigate. I love that I can customize my view. Adding assignments was a breeze and I was able to easily assign multiple children to an assignment. If you are looking for a homeschool planner, I highly recommend you giving Homeschool Planet a try!.. – Read the full review…

Jenn Bowen – Crayons to Keyboards

…nothing short of a perfect fit…

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I have been searching high and low for the perfect planner over the years, physical or electronic and have tried several in the process. In the end I began to accept, reluctantly, that I would simply need to accept the fact that I would need to continue to use multiple planners or systems. Which was a fate that assured that some things would fall through the cracks. After years of pondering the perfect planner, you could imagine my delight as I was able to mentally check off each element that I would include in the perfect planner as I watched the introduction video of Homeschool Planet… – Read the full review…

Nancy Mayes – homeschoolonpurpose.com

I highly recommend Homeschool Planet

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I am normally a paper planner type of gal, but I am just loving Homeschool Planet. I have learned how to log in from my iPhone, so now I can schedule things without having my paper planner. My phone is always with me! This is great! I am so thankful I had this opportunity to use Homeschool Planet for this, my last year of home schooling. I already don’t know how I’ll live without it next year. ::sigh!::.. – Read the full review…

Diana Malament – Homeschool Review

Homeschool Planet is great tool

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I’ve always been a paper girl, too, but my paper has turned into a pile of index cards and sticky notes added to calendars and lists—it’s a mess that has taken over my desk. I’m looking forward to reclaiming my desk.
I think Homeschool Planet is great tool and I’m looking forward to putting it to its paces over the coming school year… – Read the full review…

Susan Anadale – Homeschooling Hearts &Minds
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