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…a wonderful product…

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I am just as impressed with this planner now as I was 2 years ago when I reviewed it previously. Without a doubt, it has to be the most user friendly of all the planners I have used. The interface is clearly designed and straight forward, meaning that the user is not having to click through unnecessary pages or drop menus in order to complete simple tasks like adding or deleting assignments or planning holidays. And while many of the functions are self explanatory, there are many instructional videos to help new users (and even old users who are unsure how to accomplish something) navigate and use the various functions to their full abilities.

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Brenda Prince – Counting Pinecones

Homeschool Planet is truly the best online planner

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All of the original things that I love about this planner that I discovered in 2015 are still true from my original review post. Yet, the Lesson Plan Marketplace makes it so much more easy to use and I’m thrilled with the idea of more curriculum plans coming in the future. Homeschool Planet is truly the best online planner that has student interactivity that I have tried, and I have tried most if not them all. I am delighted with what they have so far and each time it is upgraded I am thrilled even more. Definitely something that I plan to come back to and use again and again in the years to come… – Read the full review…

Margaret Chind – Creative Madness Mama

The amazing new Lesson Plan Marketplace!

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Today what I really want to share with you is their amazing new Lesson Plan Marketplace!

When you’re planning your curriculum lesson plans have you ever wished that someone could just write out your daily plans for you? Well, now you can buy premade lesson plans for Homeschool Planet.

But if you’re like me there are times when you want to make your own lesson plan and save them to reuse with your younger children. You can do that with Homeschool Planet too! When you buy a lesson plan or create your own they are stored in your Lesson Plan Library and you can add them to your calendar anytime you want… – Read the full review…

Kim Mills – Homestead Acres

I am very positively impressed…a good investment

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A number of years ago I reviewed what I thought were the top three computer-based planners, but I didn’t write up those reviews because I thought that all of them were just too cumbersome to be practical. Homeschool Planet is the first I’ve reviewed since then, and I am very positively impressed with its usability… – Read the full review…

Cathy Duffy – Cathy Duffy Reviews

10 Reasons I Love This Online Homeschool Planner

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I will admit that I was quite hesitant to start using an online homeschool planner. I am not very tech savvy and felt overwhelmed. I stalled using Homeschool Planet for fear it would be too hard.

I was shocked to discover that even I, Ms. Tech-Challenged, could easily set up and use Homeschool Planet.

Come learn how this paper gal has been converted to using an online homeschool planner!
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Amy – Busy Boys Brigade

Organize the Year with an Amazing Homeschool Planner

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Homeschool Planet works as an all-in-one life organizer and records tracker for your homeschool. Whether it’s sports, doctors appointments or outsourced classes that keep you busy, Homeschool Planet will serve as your easy to use, gentle reminder to keep you organized.

Homeschool Planet is more than just an online homeschool planner, it’s a family life planner… – Read the full review…

Renee Brown – Great Peace Academy

Done. Hooked. I love it.

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What can I say? I love it. It is my new brain. It will print any list I choose, and also create transcripts for high school. The crew has been pestering the folks at Homeschool Buyers Co-op with questions this past month. Many of our suggestions have created changes. All of my questions have been answered in detail with a personal person within a day. What? Yep. They are awesome… – Read the full review…

Angie Wright – Pebblekeeper

The best online homeschool planner

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Every online homeschool planner I tried failed to meet my expectations and could not even come close to doing what my spreadsheet could do. And I tried every.single.one out there. Then I found Homeschool Planet! I fell in love with it on the first use and love it more each day. You may not believe this, but I can now plan in more detail and with better efficiency than with my spreadsheet! But don’t worry, if you don’t like to plan in detail, there are still a lot of features that you will love… – Read the full review…

Crystal Wagner – Triumphant Learning
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