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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimony by Gramma Cathy

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Homeschool Planet has made all the difference in our homeschool this year!! My kids know what we are doing for the day so I don’t need to answer the same question a gazillion times each day. It is super easy to change up the schedule when something unexpected happens in our life….like a fun field trip! The lessons plans have made it so easy to have two kids use the plan without pre-work by me. I’m still learning new and useful ways to utilize HSP and know we will continue to use this in our homeschool!! Oh, and I have extended using HSP to meal planning by making a calendar for that….link to recipes, and create shopping list too!! Woohoo!

Testimony by Mom to Two!

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Just get it! You won’t be sorry! I don’t know why anyone would want to use a handwritten planner. This is so much better, and neater, and organized and official, and adaptable…..just get it.

Testimony by Kalanit Chappell

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Homeschool Planet has been an organizational and time saver from the start. Once I learned how to use its extensive features, it has taken the work out of distributing lessons over quarters, semesters, and the entire school year; recording time spent schooling; calculating grades; and moving lessons around due to not finishing, taking the day off, or spending extra time on rabbit holes. My daughter loves that I print out each day so that she has an idea of what we will be learning. The color coding helps organize which assignments below to which subjects. I don’t know how I homeschooled without it. It has really made life so much easier.

Testimony by Tracy Shafer

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I have thoroughly enjoyed using Homeschool Planet. In the past, I recorded our lessons after the fact, but HP keeps us up to date. Since I am a new user, I haven’t explored all the functions of the program; I use it simply to schedule our school lessons. I have been able to purchase and download a few pre-made lesson plans, and creating my own lesson plans have been very easy. I will continue to use HP until the end of the school year.

Testimony by Virginia Purnell

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Homeschool Planet has been such a time saver! Even in just the first few weeks of this school year I had to readjust our schedule. It is so nice to go in, do a few clicks and the classes and schedules are readjusted. I love how I don’t need to worry about erasing and rewriting, just to erase and rewrite yet again like I had to with a paper planner. Or even going into my online calendar and readjusting everything from today alllll the way to the end of the school year. It’s really convenient how I can input the subject/course once and be able to use it for several children, even in different years. There is lots of versatility in Homeschool Planet which are very convenient and helpful. We have books that need to be read within a unit and I can put down the page numbers and amount of days I have to read it and it will calculate which days I needs to read I highly recommend homeschool planet.

Testimony by Jeannette C

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I am new to homeschooling. Last year we were in an online charter school, so they managed everything. When I was faced with putting the class work and schedules together, it seemed daunting. I tested a few online curriculum planners, and Homeschool Planet was the winner. I love how easy it is to move things around, push schedules forward or back, and keep assignments organized. A couple of our curriculums were even in the store, and I loaded the assignments to our schedule, saving me a lot of time, but allowing me to customize as needed! My kids can check off the boxes and follow our plan. I’m not sure what I would be doing to stay organized if I hadn’t found this exceptional online planner.

Testimony by Cj Simpson

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I found Homeschool Planet about 6 years ago. I was not great at keeping up with getting assignments for my girls where they could find them. I would get mad when they asked but it was my fault. So with Homeschool Planet, I was able to keep all their assignments in order for each girl together or separate , keep track of grades and progress, move assignments to different days depending on what was accomplished and because they were older they could look at their assignments and start on their own. Such a life saver for our family!!! So worth it!!!

Testimonial by Lesily Davis

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Homeschool Planet has been an invaluable tool for my homeschooling year! I have loved the flexibility of the program which has allowed me to stay on schedule while giving me the freedom to move assignments around as needed – because we all know that life changes, and days don’t always go as planned. We have used the custom assignments as well as the lesson plans created by Homeschool Planet for specific curriculum. It’s very user friendly and we have all LOVED the option to print out assignment checklists for each day. It helps us stay organized and my kids enjoy knowing from the start what assignments/activities need to be completed each day. They also find satisfaction in checking off assignments as they are completed. It has saved me countless hours since in years past, I would write out weekly lesson plans for each of my students and also create daily written checklists in a spiral notebook. I have already started planning our next school year, and I’m so grateful for such a helpful tool in organizing both our curriculum and our days. What a gift it has been to have found Homeschool Planet, and I HIGHLY recommend it to all of my homeschooling friends!

Testimonial form Rachael M

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I have used HSP since it’s inception. Prior to discovering it, I tried numerous other planners…but they were all missing something. Not HSP! In fact, it had options I didn’t even know I needed (like the built in shopping widget that I can forward to my phone!)! I love being able to add web links, reminders and notes to individual assignments so when I’m not right there next to my child, they can still get all the info I need them to see. My children also love HSP. My daughter is very much a “check it off the list” kind of girl and she loves working at her own pace and knowing exactly what she’s done and what else needs her attention. My son likes that it’s very easy to use and it helps him stay focused. I used an eclectic array of curriculum over the years, some following a very repetitive format, others much more loose. Being able to adjust exactly how the assignments repeat themselves without having to type in each and every individual assignment is a huge time saver. Also, when we miss an assignment (or even a whole day) it’s super easy to add the assignments to the next day or mark the day as a day off and bump the whole schedule out. And just when I thought HSP couldn’t get any better, they started creating lesson plans for lots of major curriculum. I literally did a happy dance around my living room when I saw this!! I have my first high schooler this year and having quite a few of our top curriculum choices already laid out in lesson plans I could just pop into my planner made my YEAR! I am such a lover of HSP that I rave about it every year in my many homeschool groups as moms get started with planning because I know what a big change it’s made for me with things! Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate to try it today…you won’t regret it!

Testimonial from Sarah A.

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This has made planning our lessons so much easier! I love how easy it is to move things around if something comes up. I’ve only used it for one year, so I can’t speak to how lesson plans transfer, but I have loved the way the program was written. I plan on using it until I don’t need it anymore! I tell others about it whenever it comes up in conversation.

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