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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimonial by Jan C

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A friend told me about Homeschool Planet, and initially I was hesitant to try it.  I’ve always been a pen and paper/calendar/planner type of Mom, but with the 30 day trial, what did I have to lose?

Homeschool Planet has been the very best homeschool decision I’ve made.  It is very easy to use, will auto populate some curricula, allows you to easily correct input errors, and is available across all my tech toys: computer, iPad, iPhone, and android phone.  I no longer have the burden of carrying a paper planner, but can easily access anything I need to do with schedule at a glance.  I’m using it not only for school and daily schedules, but my personal schedule and a separate calendar for budgeting and bill pay.  Great product. I wish they would offer a lifetime purchase, but I will continue to purchase yearly.

My daughter loves that her schedule is emailed to her, as does my husband.

Testimonial from Stacy

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Homeschool-Planet has improved our homeschooling! I tried the 30 day free trial close to the end of our year. I spent time using Homeschool-Planet and setting up schedules for everyone. My children love it!!! They loved having a scheduled time and limit to certain assignments and were really motivated to follow it. They finally completed their assignments in a timely manner instead of dragging it out aallll day long. It has helped me schedule times for housework and all the things that need to be done. While using our free trial, we all got sick to the point of not being able to do school for three days. Rescheduling our assignments was sooooo much easier and less time consuming. That was the deciding factor to purchase the year subscription! I have had so much more time to focus where else is needed. I’m not able to use the grading to its fullest extent because it’s the end of the year, but what I’ve used has shown me that it is also going to be very easy to use and save soooo much time!!! Homeschool-Planet is a neccesity for schooling more than one child! I love it and so do my children.

Testimonial from A C

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I have really enjoyed using Homeschool Planet. I like that I can print the weekly schedule. My kids like the fact that they can pull it up on their iPads and keep track of their work. It has been a big help in planning my week and even ahead some. I wish I would have purchased sooner.

Testimonial from Leah P

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This is THE solution I was looking for! I spent my first 2 years home schooling using an excel spreadsheet to plan my lessons, and it was miserable. It was inflexible and terribly limited, and I spent way more time fussing with it than I wanted.

For year three I went hunting for an on-line homeschool planner. I found My Well-Planned Day and got in as a Beta user, prepared for some hiccups but optimistic that it would be a better tool for us. Wrong. After a year and a half I was so frustrated with glitches and limited functionality that I was ready to resort to paper.

I reached out to the other home schoolers I know on Facebook, hoping they had better answers, and one of them pointed me toward Homeschool Planet.

I was skeptical after my previous experiences, but you won me over within the first week of my free trial. Before the trial period was even over, I’d ordered my subscription. After all the time I’d wasted and frustration I’d encountered, it was such a huge relief to find something that really WORKS. Not only does this program make planning my lessons easier and faster, but it actually saves me time during the day, too, and helps to keep me on track with reminders (which I really needed). Daily assignment lists for the kids make their days easier, grading and missed assignment reminders help me keep up each day instead of doing massive catch-up grading sessions, and nothing gets lost or overlooked either. I am HOOKED.

Thank you so much, for this program. I cannot believe that I managed without it for almost four years. You’ve managed to make a product that really does everything I need and more, and does it cleanly, efficiently, and beautifully. I have already recommended this program to several other people and will continue to do so. It’s a life (and time) saver!

Testimonial from Holly S

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What a lifesaver and time saver! I have tried MANY other scheduling programs and this program takes the cake. It’s easy to just pick up and run with it the first day; but makes scheduling a month ahead easy. My favorite part is the ability to carry forward lessons that we “didn’t get to” because of something unforeseen. It is easy to schedule in advance and the reports help my children check off their assignments on their list. Having Homeschool Planet gives me my weekends back, where I don’t have to plan out, and write out each individual day for all my children. Thank you for such a great product.

Testimonial from Heather W

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I am actually getting ready to purchase the homeschool planet after my 30 day trail. I have not taken the time to fully review and find all it has for me, but everything that I have used has been great. This is my first year home schooling our daughter and this is a great tool. I am setting up my daughter’s log on for the 2nd semester so she will see what she has to do for the day even her chores. What a great way to keep the kinds accountable for their responsibilities.

Testimonial from Amy T

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Homeschool Planet has been a sanity-saver! I have tried lots of other homeschool planners — both paper and electronic — and have never been as impressed with them as I have been with Homeschool Planet. I love that I can enter our lesson plans as far ahead as I need/want and they are easily adjustable with a simple click of a button. I don’t need to erase and re-write if things change. I also find it incredibly helpful that I can add our appointments in, as well as chores and then have it all emailed to myself and each child (they are middle-school and high-school aged). Prior to using Homeschool Planet, I had an electronic calendar for appointments, and a paper planner for lesson plans which I then typed into daily work lists for each child. It is wonderful having everything in one place! The only thing that would make this better is having an Android app so I can add appointments, etc. from my phone (because, really, what homeschooler actually stays at home? LOL)

Testimonial from Jenny

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This is the first time in my four years of homeschooling that I have finally been able to organize my day and stay on track. I have tried numerous daily planners and have always felt they are missing something. With the Homeschool-Planet I have the opportunity to put in the missing pieces. I recommend everyone going for the free trial!

Testimonial from Amber W

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I am a stay-at-home-school-mother of 6 (4 in school with two toddlers close behind). I use My Father’s World curriculum that comes all packaged and ready and all I have to do is open the books and read. But I prefer to have a software back up for grades and attendance. I have used several different programs/apps in the past. Some have quit on me (developers retired) and I quit my last one because I outgrew it (I still think they are wonderful, just not right for me anymore). I came to Homeschool Planet because it was much easier to enter assignments, because MFW has the entire year scheduled out in the beginning. When I switched (mid school year) I was able to import all of my assignments from the entire year (since October) including grades and got everything up to date, rather than finishing out the school year with my old program. I was also able to import the rest of the school year. I have four students doing the exact same assignments every day and it was very hard to add in my old program because I had to add each individual assignment on each individual day. I like how easy it is to mark assignments complete, my old program I had to go to each individual kid (x4) to mark each individual assignment done, then grade each individually. Being able to check them so quickly was a big time saver for me and I can focus more time on actually teaching rather than importing grades. The last time saver is adding multiple assignments per person. I am able to import math for a single kid for an entire math book using the sequential assignment feature (2A: Day {1} for so many day). If we miss a day I can push everything out so easily and if they do two assignments in one day I can pull everything else up without having to change every single assignment every day or import every single assignment each day. In short, I am able to import an entire year very quickly AND able to make adjustments to the entire schedule if something happens, rather than importing every day, or a week at a time. It is a one and done and easy to adjust for a large family. Thank you!

P.S. I’m sorry it is so long but I felt like I needed to explain the comparison to my old one because I would not have switched had it not been for the ease of switching. I was able to add an entire school year in 2 weeks time, including four months of grades. Everything is so easy now, whereas I had to flip back and forth so much I got lost! Thank you.