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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimonial from Heather W

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I am actually getting ready to purchase the homeschool planet after my 30 day trail. I have not taken the time to fully review and find all it has for me, but everything that I have used has been great. This is my first year home schooling our daughter and this is a great tool. I am setting up my daughter’s log on for the 2nd semester so she will see what she has to do for the day even her chores. What a great way to keep the kinds accountable for their responsibilities.

Testimonial from Amy T

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Homeschool Planet has been a sanity-saver! I have tried lots of other homeschool planners — both paper and electronic — and have never been as impressed with them as I have been with Homeschool Planet. I love that I can enter our lesson plans as far ahead as I need/want and they are easily adjustable with a simple click of a button. I don’t need to erase and re-write if things change. I also find it incredibly helpful that I can add our appointments in, as well as chores and then have it all emailed to myself and each child (they are middle-school and high-school aged). Prior to using Homeschool Planet, I had an electronic calendar for appointments, and a paper planner for lesson plans which I then typed into daily work lists for each child. It is wonderful having everything in one place! The only thing that would make this better is having an Android app so I can add appointments, etc. from my phone (because, really, what homeschooler actually stays at home? LOL)

Testimonial from Jenny

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This is the first time in my four years of homeschooling that I have finally been able to organize my day and stay on track. I have tried numerous daily planners and have always felt they are missing something. With the Homeschool-Planet I have the opportunity to put in the missing pieces. I recommend everyone going for the free trial!

Testimonial from Amber W

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I am a stay-at-home-school-mother of 6 (4 in school with two toddlers close behind). I use My Father’s World curriculum that comes all packaged and ready and all I have to do is open the books and read. But I prefer to have a software back up for grades and attendance. I have used several different programs/apps in the past. Some have quit on me (developers retired) and I quit my last one because I outgrew it (I still think they are wonderful, just not right for me anymore). I came to Homeschool Planet because it was much easier to enter assignments, because MFW has the entire year scheduled out in the beginning. When I switched (mid school year) I was able to import all of my assignments from the entire year (since October) including grades and got everything up to date, rather than finishing out the school year with my old program. I was also able to import the rest of the school year. I have four students doing the exact same assignments every day and it was very hard to add in my old program because I had to add each individual assignment on each individual day. I like how easy it is to mark assignments complete, my old program I had to go to each individual kid (x4) to mark each individual assignment done, then grade each individually. Being able to check them so quickly was a big time saver for me and I can focus more time on actually teaching rather than importing grades. The last time saver is adding multiple assignments per person. I am able to import math for a single kid for an entire math book using the sequential assignment feature (2A: Day {1} for so many day). If we miss a day I can push everything out so easily and if they do two assignments in one day I can pull everything else up without having to change every single assignment every day or import every single assignment each day. In short, I am able to import an entire year very quickly AND able to make adjustments to the entire schedule if something happens, rather than importing every day, or a week at a time. It is a one and done and easy to adjust for a large family. Thank you!

P.S. I’m sorry it is so long but I felt like I needed to explain the comparison to my old one because I would not have switched had it not been for the ease of switching. I was able to add an entire school year in 2 weeks time, including four months of grades. Everything is so easy now, whereas I had to flip back and forth so much I got lost! Thank you.

Testimonial from Jennifer H

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I love the Homeschool Planet Planner! I use it not only for tracking school work but for tracking the entire family’s activities, chores and more! I call it the hub because it has become the hub of our daily activity. It is simple to use with a 1 page interface which I love!
My youngest son age 12 loves logging on with his own personal login so he can see his activities scheduled for the day and check off his homeschool assignments as he completes them. He thinks it’s neat how he can send me messages straight to my phone from the messenger widget. Thanks Homeschool Planet for such and awesome product!

Testimonial by Getchen K

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I’ve been using HomeSchool Planet since the beginning of this year.  I have tried 2 other electronic planners.  This is the easiest for me to use.  There are a couple of things that I wish I could do that I haven’t figured out how to do, yet, but overall, I find it to be pretty easy.  The only recommendation that I have is to provide step-by-step videos for those of us that are strong visual learners.  🙂  I’ll know at the end of the quarter if reporting is as easy as I hope it will be.  Thanks!

Editor’s note: Step-by-step videos can be found here.

Testimonial from S P

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A friend told me about Homeschool-Planet when he saw how flustered I was trying to catch up on preparing my daughter’s weekly homeschool plans. I went home that day and immediately tried Homeschool- Planet’s free trial to see for myself how this worked. Last week, I purchased it for the 1x easy yearly fee.

Our Top 4 Benefits:

a) My daughter sometimes gets into ‘the zone’ and just wants to continue with that subject for awhile. Her enthusiasm for the subject was nice to see, but keeping up with updating her study schedules was a nightmare. With Homeschool-Planet, it is a matter of ‘click and drag’ to switch assignments according to how my daughter is completing them. Love it!

b) My daughter loves to log-in to Homeschool-Planet and see all her assignments for the day, decide what order to do the work in and check things off as she gets it done. I have my own log-in and can double check everything with ease.

c) We often get sidetracked with lovely learning things, and this means certain other items on the day’s list do not get done. This used to cause me stress, worrying about how to keep track of all these loose ends. Now it’s so easy to make quick decisions on whether to reschedule the assignment for the next day and bump everything 1 day over, or perhaps to double up on assignments the next day, etc… So many choices and Homeschool-Planet does it with a click of a button.

d) I’ve gone in and scheduled subjects out for the year, some for 3 months, others for a couple of weeks. Love this versatility too.

I could go on! It’s a great product and I highly recommend it!

Testimonial from J C

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We just finished our free trial of Homeschool Planet and I love how easy the program is to navigate and my daughter loves being able to check off her work as she completes it. We decided to subscribe for the remainder of the school year. She especially loves to send me text messages when she completes and assignment and to report how well she did.

Testimonial from J R

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I loved the experience, it really helped at a time of transition for my family. I plan on subscribing and i always brag about how wonderful and helpful it is. The children loved being able to see their assignments and just keep working.

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