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Testimonial by Carrie E C Haines

I had tried several digital planners in the weeks leading up to finding Homeschool Planet. I needed one that my daughter could access while at her father’s house, but nothing seemed to fit our needs. So many of them were hard to learn to use, or my daughter’s stepmom couldn’t access them (which was also important for us). Finally, I found Homeschool Planet and decided that I’d give it a try. I immediately loved it. I have a 9th grader and 2 1st graders, so I intend to use my 9th grader’s lesson plans for my 2 1st graders when it’s time, so being able to save the lesson plans that I spend a lot of time entering, is a great feature! It’s also nice that I can set it up so that my kids get emails every morning with a list of the work they have to do that day. I love that I can pick and choose what student and what class I want displayed on the calendar, to help keep things from getting too crowded. Once one of my kids finishes one class, I can uncheck it and check the next one for them to complete. And, since you can track your kids’ class hours, it makes giving credits and transcripts so much easier for highschoolers. I will continue using Homeschool Planner for years to come!

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