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Testimonial by E J

“Homeschool Planet changed my life in such a positive way.  I struggle with keeping on track and following through with plans.  Homeschool Planet allows me to plan out a whole semester at a time for each child (I have 7) with color coding and grading set up and reminders.  It also emails each child, and me as well, with what is planned for that day.  I can add links to youtube videos or attach documents for them to read or watch.  I can also keep track of hours spent on each subject, which is mandatory in my state.  I am able to make transcripts for my kids, keep book lists, and it also calculates grades; all I have to do is plug in the parameters and it does the rest.  This is well worth the money as it has saved my sanity, and can you really put a price on that?  My kids love it too; no more wishy washy mom saying, I thought I told you to do that.  They can pull up their calendar and look to see if they were right. They usually are.  I have shared this gem with every homeschool mom I come in contact with as well as on the homeschooling facebook pages that I am a member.”

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