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Testimonial by Jan C

A friend told me about Homeschool Planet, and initially I was hesitant to try it.  I’ve always been a pen and paper/calendar/planner type of Mom, but with the 30 day trial, what did I have to lose?

Homeschool Planet has been the very best homeschool decision I’ve made.  It is very easy to use, will auto populate some curricula, allows you to easily correct input errors, and is available across all my tech toys: computer, iPad, iPhone, and android phone.  I no longer have the burden of carrying a paper planner, but can easily access anything I need to do with schedule at a glance.  I’m using it not only for school and daily schedules, but my personal schedule and a separate calendar for budgeting and bill pay.  Great product. I wish they would offer a lifetime purchase, but I will continue to purchase yearly.

My daughter loves that her schedule is emailed to her, as does my husband.

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