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Testimonial by porter2007

After trying multiple different online syllabus, grade book, attendance system, we finally settled on Homeschool Planet. Our twin girls like the ease of use of the program to access their lessons via the planner. For the student side, it is straight forward and no slow-downs, no glitches – nothing. On the parent side, the use of the program to enter in the syllabi is pretty easy to work with. It takes very minutes of trial and error before entering everything in and becomes a natural flow. With the settings set-up correctly, keeping attendance is a breeze, plus you can easily see how long your student is taking for each class. The reports are pretty easy to work with and, for the most part, easily adjustable to fit your needs. Reports include attendance, grade report, transcription, and classes (with or without individual lessons). The only down side I have seen with Homeschool Planet is on initial log-in for the day, most sites are up and running within 30 seconds. Homeschool Planet (even from the very first day of starting with the program) takes anywhere from 1 – 2 minutes to be up and running. However, since this is literally my only complaint, it is well worth it! Overall, I would suggest to anyone homeschooling their children to utilize this for all of your administrative needs. It is even (with a little) work able to combine online with offline classes. This is how we use it. The links are either to 1) a website for their lesson, or 2) a link to a PDF document for them to go into to complete their lesson. Due to my one and only complaint, I give it 4.75 stars! Give it a try – I am sure you will find it has everything you have been looking for.