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Testimonial form Rachael M

I have used HSP since it’s inception. Prior to discovering it, I tried numerous other planners…but they were all missing something. Not HSP! In fact, it had options I didn’t even know I needed (like the built in shopping widget that I can forward to my phone!)! I love being able to add web links, reminders and notes to individual assignments so when I’m not right there next to my child, they can still get all the info I need them to see. My children also love HSP. My daughter is very much a “check it off the list” kind of girl and she loves working at her own pace and knowing exactly what she’s done and what else needs her attention. My son likes that it’s very easy to use and it helps him stay focused. I used an eclectic array of curriculum over the years, some following a very repetitive format, others much more loose. Being able to adjust exactly how the assignments repeat themselves without having to type in each and every individual assignment is a huge time saver. Also, when we miss an assignment (or even a whole day) it’s super easy to add the assignments to the next day or mark the day as a day off and bump the whole schedule out. And just when I thought HSP couldn’t get any better, they started creating lesson plans for lots of major curriculum. I literally did a happy dance around my living room when I saw this!! I have my first high schooler this year and having quite a few of our top curriculum choices already laid out in lesson plans I could just pop into my planner made my YEAR! I am such a lover of HSP that I rave about it every year in my many homeschool groups as moms get started with planning because I know what a big change it’s made for me with things! Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate to try it today…you won’t regret it!

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