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Testimonial from Amy T

Testimonial from Amy T

Homeschool Planet has been a sanity-saver! I have tried lots of other homeschool planners — both paper and electronic — and have never been as impressed with them as I have been with Homeschool Planet. I love that I can enter our lesson plans as far ahead as I need/want and they are easily adjustable with a simple click of a button. I don’t need to erase and re-write if things change. I also find it incredibly helpful that I can add our appointments in, as well as chores and then have it all emailed to myself and each child (they are middle-school and high-school aged). Prior to using Homeschool Planet, I had an electronic calendar for appointments, and a paper planner for lesson plans which I then typed into daily work lists for each child. It is wonderful having everything in one place! The only thing that would make this better is having an Android app so I can add appointments, etc. from my phone (because, really, what homeschooler actually stays at home? LOL)

We have always used a homeschool planner with my twins. It keeps us all on track, and it places the responsibility on the kids to get their work done. When they were young, we used a 3×5 card with check boxes, but as their school work became more involved, we moved to a paper planner that was personalized for each child. Sounds ideal, right? Well, it wasn’t. Let s face it, life sometimes gets in the way and assignments need to be shifted around; with a paper planner that is a nightmare.

I was thrilled to be invited to be a beta-tester for the Homeschool Planet, and I can tell you that I’ve used this program to schedule every type of assignment (including video links, websites and PDFs), course, and activity. It is easy to use and allows you to customize it in exactly the way that works for your family.

I love it, and my kids do too! We like it so much that my children plan to use it when they go off to college. There is no better product or app out there. You will love it, and your kids will be more productive using it too.

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