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Testimonial from Leah P

This is THE solution I was looking for! I spent my first 2 years home schooling using an excel spreadsheet to plan my lessons, and it was miserable. It was inflexible and terribly limited, and I spent way more time fussing with it than I wanted.

For year three I went hunting for an on-line homeschool planner. I found My Well-Planned Day and got in as a Beta user, prepared for some hiccups but optimistic that it would be a better tool for us. Wrong. After a year and a half I was so frustrated with glitches and limited functionality that I was ready to resort to paper.

I reached out to the other home schoolers I know on Facebook, hoping they had better answers, and one of them pointed me toward Homeschool Planet.

I was skeptical after my previous experiences, but you won me over within the first week of my free trial. Before the trial period was even over, I’d ordered my subscription. After all the time I’d wasted and frustration I’d encountered, it was such a huge relief to find something that really WORKS. Not only does this program make planning my lessons easier and faster, but it actually saves me time during the day, too, and helps to keep me on track with reminders (which I really needed). Daily assignment lists for the kids make their days easier, grading and missed assignment reminders help me keep up each day instead of doing massive catch-up grading sessions, and nothing gets lost or overlooked either. I am HOOKED.

Thank you so much, for this program. I cannot believe that I managed without it for almost four years. You’ve managed to make a product that really does everything I need and more, and does it cleanly, efficiently, and beautifully. I have already recommended this program to several other people and will continue to do so. It’s a life (and time) saver!

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