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Testimonial from C P

This is my second year homeschooling and last year I struggled with lesson planning for two children in two different grades. I’d plan a few weeks and when I ran out of plans I’d have to scramble to make more or wing it, which doesn’t fit well with my kids. Someone suggested I try out Homeschool Planet this year and it’s been a life saver. I was able, in the span of two afternoons, plan my ENTIRE school year. Every day I print out each child’s work using the specific date and the planner feature, then we just check things off as we go. I am also able to go in adjust things when someone is sick or our day needs to be rescheduled. I tried the free 30 day trial first and didn’t hesitate for a second to purchase it at the end of my trial. I will definitely be using this each year from now on and I highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone who needs help keeping their daily schedules organized and easily accessable.

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