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At last — an easy, flexible, full-featured online homeschool planner that doesn’t require hours to learn. Just launch, click on the calendar, and start adding classes, assignments, and appointments!

Popular Features in our Online Homeschool Planner:

  • Automatically reschedules assignments
  • Home, school, and work schedules in one place
  • Plug-in lesson plans for popular curricula
  • Customizable grading, attendance, reporting, and MORE!
  • Daily or weekly reminders for both parents and students

The Features That Make Homeschool Planet Great

automatic rescheduling homeschool planet graphic

You’ve got it all planned out, right? Then life happens and your careful schedule goes out the window. Not with Homeschool Planet! A few clicks and Homeschool Planet automatically reschedules your whole year. Try doing that with a paper planner!

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Schedules for you and your family, vital school records, lesson plans, to do lists, shopping lists — everything you need to manage your home and homeschool, all in one place. Accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime, on phone or computer.

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Set up automatic reminders by text or email for key appointments, deadlines, and more. Our popular “Daily Digest” and “Weekly Digest” emails deliver a complete check list of all assignments for that day or week to your and each of your students’ inboxes.

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Extensive customization lets you organize your home and homeschool the way YOU want. Color coding, personalized reports, flexible grading options, custom logins, different ways to view things — all help Homeschool Planet fit your life like a glove.

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Plan out your entire year in just minutes with Homeschool Planet’s professional lesson plans for popular homeschool curricula, with new plans being created every week.

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What Are Others Saying About Homeschool Planet?

A number of years ago I reviewed what I thought were the top three computer-based planners, but I didn’t write up those reviews because I thought that all of them were just too cumbersome to be practical. Homeschool Planet is the first I’ve reviewed since then, and I am very positively impressed with its usability.


I was really surprised and impressed at how much Homeschool Planet could actually do, as well as all the ways you can customize it to your needs and preferences. That alone makes it worth the cost. No more forcing a planner to fit your needs or just making due. You really can do almost anything to customize Homeschool Planet for YOU!


Homeschool planet has revolutionized my weekends and school breaks! I plan everything at the start of the year using either lesson plans or my own schedule, and then I don’t have to spend time looking over the coming week and planning. The lesson plans have been a game changer too, and I tend to choose programs that have HP lesson plans now. It just makes everything so much easier. If we get behind it’s obvious straight away- no nasty end of quarter/end of year surprises. And I can add or take away tasks so easily. It’s truly worth every penny!

Laura DelHomeschool Planet Member

This program has made my planning so much easier. Let’s be honest – our days are always changing – which meant lots of crossing out/erasing and revising the lesson schedule on paper. Not only does this easily reschedule things automatically for me but I have a quick reference of what we’ve done when prepping our quarterly reports. Thank you so much Homeschool Planet team!

TheresaHomeschool Planet Member

I’m a homeschooling mom of four and I also work part time. I used to spend 4-6 hours every 6 weeks planning out our schoolwork, but decided to try using Homeschool Planet this school year. WOW! I am IN LOVE with this planner! Now my 6-week planning sessions only take 90 minutes and I can plan BETTER with our entire school year at my fingertips. We school through a charter, and I have to submit work records once per month. I used to have to write out all of our coursework by hand, but with Homeschool Planet I can print out our work in seconds and move on with my life! My friends and family ask me often, “How do you do it all?” And my answer is Homeschool Planet! Definitely money well spent.

Melissa H.Homeschool Planet Member

Homeschool Planet has been such a time saver! Even in just the first few weeks of this school year I had to readjust our schedule. It is so nice to go in, do a few clicks and the classes and schedules are readjusted. I love how I don’t need to worry about erasing and rewriting, just to erase and rewrite yet again like I had to with a paper planner. Or even going into my online calendar and readjusting everything from today alllll the way to the end of the school year. It’s really convenient how I can input the subject/course once and be able to use it for several children, even in different years. There is lots of versatility in Homeschool Planet which are very convenient and helpful. We have books that need to be read within a unit and I can put down the page numbers and amount of days I have to read it and it will calculate which days I needs to read I highly recommend homeschool planet.

Virginia PurnellHomeschool Planet Customer

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