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Changing a Student Email or Password

Thankfully changing a student email or password can be completed quickly and easily by the primary user of an account at any time! The directions below will help you make this change in just moments.

Student Management User Guide

Changing a Student Email or Password

  1. Select the name of the student you would like to change the email or password for from the left side of the planner in either Calendar or Planner view.
  2. To change the student email used for login in and/or Daily or Weekly Digests enter the email address that you would like to use for this student account on the Basic Info tab.
  3. To change a student password first go to the Login tab. Next, enter the new password right over the old one and then hit Save and Close.
  4. While in the Login tab it is a good time to review the permissions that you have given to your student. Once you know all settings are as you wish select Save and Close.

Changing a Student Email or Password Screenshots

Changing a Student Email or Password Video Tutorial

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