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About Homeschool Planet

What exactly is Homeschool Planet?

Homeschool Planet is a robust cloud-based online homeschool organizer designed specially for homeschooling families. It has all the functionality of a computer-based planner with many added features. It can be viewed in calendar or planner mode and has options for daily, weekly, or monthly viewing. This multi-dimensional homeschool planner organizes school schedules, tracks attendance, creates transcripts, and meets virtually all the organizational needs required to homeschool in the modern era.

Add to that the flexibility of scheduling chores, planning meals, tracking appointments, keeping and communicating to-do and shopping lists and you have all you need to organize your entire family!

The real beauty of Homeschool Planet is that all of the above is intuitive, flexible, and straightforward with a remarkably user friendly interface.

Will Homeschool Planet work on my mobile device?

You can view your Homeschool Planet calendar on any Android or iOS mobile device with an Internet connection. Simply use the browser on your device to login to Homeschool Planet at using your email address and password. You’ll then see a special version of Homeschool Planet that has been tailored to the device. We refer to this as the “Homeschool Planet Mobile Version.”

On smartphones you can view one day at a time. On tablets you view one week at a time. On either kind of device, you can view your appointments and classes, and mark off assignments when completed.

To add an icon (and direct link) to your mobile device follow these instructions:

  1. Sign into your planner on the mobile device.
  2. Select your browser’s feature to share that web page.  In iOS on Safari, it’s the share icon (a box with an upward pointing arrow coming out of it.
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen” or the equivalent.  The operating system will add an icon to your device’s home page.

What browsers do you recommend?

Because Homeschool Planet utilizes JavaScript we recommend Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for the best experience.

Subscribing to Homeschool Planet

Is there a free trial available?

YES! We have a FREE TRIAL that is actually FREE! That means no credit card information is required to try 30 days of Homeschool Planet.

We believe so strongly in Homeschool Planet and how much you will love it once you give it a try that we don’t use gimmicks or traps. Give us a try and see what Homeschool Planet can do for YOU!

How do I subscribe to Homeschool Planet?

Simply hit the “Try Now” button on the top of your screen and then decide whether you want to start with our Free 30-Day Trial, an annual subscription, or a monthly subscription. Then follow the simple checkout procedure. It really is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

How much does it cost?

The annual subscription price for Homeschool Planet is $69.95 while a month-to month subscription with convenient automatic billing is $7.95 monthly.

Start with your FREE 30-day trial. And when we say free we mean free- no credit card required.

Will my data carry over from the free trial when I subscribe?

It will! If you decide to purchase a subscription any information you entered during the trial will be preserved so you can keep using Homeschool Planet without interruption.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

We offer a FREE 30 day trial with no credit card or commitment required so that our subscribers can make sure Homeschool Planet is a good fit for their family. Because of the trial, we do not offer refunds although you can always cancel your subscription before your next renewal is due. Lesson plans and curriculum are not returnable.

If my subscription lapses and then I resubscribe will my data still be available?

We promise to hold your data for a period of 12 months if your subscription lapses. After that we can restore any purchased lesson plans, but data for individual students and classes will be erased.

Do I have to repurchase lesson plans for each student?

Our lesson plans can be used as many times, with as many children, as you like who reside in your home. Purchase once and the lesson plan stays in your library to use as many times as you need. Even if you go inactive for a time period the lesson plan will be there if you resubscribe with the same email.

Do I need a subscription to Homeschool Planet to use the plug-in lesson plans?

Because lesson plans are plug-ins exclusive to Homeschool Planet and are not in a PDF format, nor are they a stand-alone product, they cannot be downloaded or printed. However, if a plan is applied to your calendar, you can print them from your calendar or as assignment lists.

There is a free version of Homeschool Planet available to subscribers that have purchased lesson plans so they can continue to access them, but with limited access. Once a subscriber’s subscription to Homeschool Planet has expired (lesson plan purchases come with a free 30-day trial), subscribers can continue to log in for as long as they wish to access the lesson plans if they have been previously applied to the calendar.

With the free version subscribers can:

  • View all the previously applied lesson plan assignments.
  • Print all the previously applied lesson plan assignments.
  • Click resource links to gain access to online resources if previously applied to the calendar.

However, only a Premium (paid) subscription will allow for the editing features, grading, attendance tracking, and more.

Here is a link to a PDF that outlines the Free vs. Premium Edition.

One of the benefits of using our time-saving, pre-made lesson plans is that they can also be used for one or all of your students, at any time, and as many times as you need, and that they are fully customizable. They are available to you for use as long as you have an active account since they are used with your Homeschool Planet subscription.

Do you have a co-op or school license available?

For inquiries about licenses for co-ops and small schools please reach out to us at

Homeschool Planet Features

Can I use Homeschool Planet for more than one student?

Absolutely! One subscription is access for your entire *household, each with their own unique schedule.

*By “household” we mean a person or persons sharing the same single family housing unit such as a home, apartment, mobile home or condominium. This license does not extend to students who reside at a separate on-campus location or to business or commercial users.

How can I let my children log in to their own calendar?

You can create a login for your students by entering the appropriate information into the Login tab in the student’s profile.  See the tutorial “Student Logins” for more details.

Are there pre-made lesson plans available?

Homeschool Planet has a constantly growing library of pre-made lesson plans.  With a current library of over 2000 plug-in lesson plans for the most popular curricula we feature plans for publishers including BJU Press, Mystery of History, Apologia, Pandia Press, Veritas Press, LIFEPAC, Saxon, and SO MANY MORE!!!!

Don’t see what you need? Drop us a note. We have a team of lesson plan authors who love hearing what you need as they decide what to develop next!

Can I download lesson plans?

Lesson plans are not PDF’s, but rather our plug-ins designed to be used with our software. They cannot be downloaded though you can easily print assignment lists.

Can plug-in lesson plans be edited?

Absolutely! Once applied to your Homeschool Planet calendar all pre-done lesson plans are fully customizable. You can add your own assignments, delete assignments, add additional resources, or make any changes you would like. You can then save your edited lesson plan to use in the future with our children. While most families use our plans as exactly as they are many enjoy the ability to have the bulk of inputting done for them with the ability to customize for their unique needs.

Do I have to repurchase lesson plans for each student?

Our lesson plans can be used as many times, with as many children in your own household, as you like. Purchase once and the lesson plan stays in your library to use as many times as you need. Even if you go inactive for a time period the lesson plan will be there if you resubscribe with the same email.

Can I assign work to a week, rather than to a specific day?

If you have work that your students need to complete at some point over the course of the week, but at their discretion and not on any specific day, you can set that up this way. First, create a class or activity called “Weekly Work” (or whatever name works best for you), scheduled for every day of the week. Then add the things that need to be done each week as assignments on the first day of that week. Each day, use the Rescheduling Helper to carry forward any that don’t get marked complete.

If you have a task that must be completed 2 or 3 times a week, simply enter that task more than once on the first day of the week.  For example, if you want your child to practice piano 3 times a week, you might put “Practice Piano (1)”, “Practice Piano (2)”, and “Practice Piano (3)” as separate assignments on Mondays.

Can I have different grading scales for different kinds of assignment?

With Homeschool Planet, you are free to use any grading scale you want with each individual assignment. When you set up grading for a class, you select all of the grading categories that you will use in the class (such as Homework, Tests, etc.) and give a weight for each of them. These weights are used only to calculate a total grade for the class (for example, 30% Homework and 70% Tests). Regardless of what values you enter there, you can still grade each individual assignment using your choice of a percentage, a letter grade, or a fraction (like 18 out of 20).

Is there a keyboard shortcut to add another assignment to a day?

Yes, there is!

When editing the Lesson Plan for a class, if you want to add more than one assignment on a particular day, do this: After you type in the description of the first assignment, hold down the Ctrl key and press Enter*.  That will create a new row for another assignment on the same day.

* – on the Mac, the keys are labeled Control and Return.

How do I turn off the automatic emails like the Daily Digest?

You can control which family members receive the Daily Digest or the Weekly Digest in their profiles.  Just click on their picture in the “My Family” bar on the left, and click the “Edit profile” link at the top of the window that appears.  On the “Basic Info” tab of the “Manage Family” dialog that appears, there are two check boxes, right below the field for the email address, one for the Daily Digest and one for the Weekly Digest.  Checked means that family member will receive that Digest; un-checked means they won’t.

How can I see the full text of my assignments without having to click on the class?

In the Calendar view of your schedule, we try to keep it looking like, well, a calendar.  That means we often have to truncate the text of assignments, and it’s why we provide the Planner view.  Just click the “Planner” button near the top of the page, and you’ll get a view of your schedule in which all the details are always visible.  This will often be the best display to use for printing, and also for your kids to use when they log in on their own.

Why do you ask for a cell phone number in the family member profile?

This field is optional.

Providing a cell phone number for a family member allows you to:

  • Send them Reminders via text message
  • Send them messages using the Messages widget
  • Send them To Do Lists and Shopping Lists from those respective widgets
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