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Science Shepherd Homeschool Science Curriculum was developed for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers. It is an easy to understand curriculum with a reader-friendly layout which allows students the ability to work independently. With high quality, full color pictures and graphics as well as High school Biology lab videos even a parent with no Science background can successfully teach Science using Science Shepherd.

Not convinced? Try our FREE Science Shepherd course and lesson plan, “The Genesis Worldview” with curriculum included today for a better understanding of both Science Shepherd and Homeschool Planet!

A completely free 9 lesson sample of the Science Shepherd course and lesson plan. Enjoy!

The Genesis Worldview For Grades 6 - 12
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The Genesis Worldview is a multi-part video series from Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin that explores creation, Scripture, and scientific observation to show that science supports Scriptural sufficiency.

This course is free so that you can explore Science Shepherd curriculum and lesson plans as well as Homeschool Planet.

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