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Grammar for the Well Trained Mind

One of the wonderful things about these lesson plans for Grammar for the Well Trained Mind is you can use them for any level within the Grammar for the Well Trained Mind Series. Currently Red and Purple are available. Two more levels are to be released. This grammar program can be used from 5th to 12th grade.

What You Get:

  • The publisher's recommended course of study
  • A full school year of scheduled assignments, reviews for each level
  • A convenient reference to page numbers in your Grammar for the Well Trained Mind Text (Red, Purple, Blue, or Yellow)
  • Check boxes for your students to check off as they complete their assignments, giving them a sense of accomplishment and you a permanent record of their achievement.
  • Automatic lesson plan updates as needed, with enhancements, link updates, etc.
    Note: You decide whether to apply the updates.

Actual curriculum is not included, and should be purchased separately.

  • Automatic rescheduling of assignments when "life happens"
  • "Daily Digest" email reminders to help you and your child stay on track
  • Grade your student's work to recognize or reward completion.
  • Track attendance for states where this is required.
  • Generate reports, reminders, and much more!
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Lesson Plans

Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind  For Grades 5 - 12

More Info

The curriculum for this Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind lesson plan can be found by using the following link~

841027: Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Core Instructor Text, Years 1-4

Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Core Instructor Text, Years 1-4
By Susan Wise Bauer & Audrey Anderson / Well-Trained Mind Press

The Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind curriculum is a thorough, easy-to-use grammar program that will bring students from the early stages of basic definitions through advanced sentence structure and analysis. Picking up where the First Language Lessons series left off, this course will give students the grammar skills needed to write and speak well.

The Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Core Instructor Text includes fully scripted dialogue for the teacher (with answers the students are supposed to give in italics), all rules and examples, and teaching notes that explain any ambiguities and difficulties that might be encountered.

The publisher has planned four levels, each covering one year, for this curriculum (as of March 2019 the red and purple levels are available). Each workbook will contain the same rules and examples-but four completely different sets of exercises and assignments, allowing students to develop a wide-ranging knowledge of how the rules and examples are put to use in writing. This instructor text can then be used for any of the years.

Parents and teachers go through the dialogue, rules, and examples in this Core Instructor Text while students follow along in the Workbook. The Comprehensive Handbook of Rules covers all the rules along with repeated examples and will become the student's guide to writing. Answers to workbook exercises are given in the workbook key. All other books are sold-separately.

This innovative program combines the three essential elements of language learning: understanding and memorizing rules (prescriptive teaching), repeated exposure to examples of how those rules are used (descriptive instruction), and practice using those rules in exercises and in writing (practical experience).

Grade 5 & up. Covers four years of instruction.

386 pages, softcover.

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