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NOW FREE: Homeschool Like an Expert: Video Series

Learn how to find, use, and succeed with curriculum that fits your child’s needs (and your budget) no matter your education background.  This series is a must for every parent-teacher asking, How do I homeschool legally?  Practically?  Socially?  Multiple ages at the same time? With special needs?  Plus balance career?  And stay sane?    Distilling over 30 years in the homeschool community (along with her experience as a former homeschooled student, Stanford/Duke alum, professional educator, author of four books on education, and homeschooling her four kids since 2006), Homeschool Like an Expert is the definitive guide full of practical helps teaching parents how to school from home.  Cathy Duffy Reviews says itgives new homeschoolers the confidence to get started.  Even those who have already begun homeschooling are likely to find valuable ideas in these videos.

  • Video: Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling (start here and be ready to homeschool in less than 20 minutes!)
  • Video Lessons 1-9 (takes less time to watch than a super hero movie)
    • Overview
    • Get Started Successfully
    • Study How My Child Learns Best
    • Develop a Community
    • Find the Best Curriculum
    • Utilize Tests and Grades
    • Respond to Special Needs
    • Balance Teens and Toddlers
    • How to Transition to Mainstream
    • Support the Teacher at Home
  • Digital access to all printables and handouts
  • Monthly member newsletter on the latest homeschool research, resources, podcasts, and more
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Homeschool Like an Expert: Video Series

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