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Horizons Penmanship

Are you looking to integrate teaching handwriting skills with memorizing scripture? Horizons Penmanship writing curriculum is Bible-based and designed to teach your kids all about the importance of good handwriting skills. The curriculum begins with proper letter formation through cursive writing and even manuscript writing.

While learning proper penmanship, your children will also develop spelling and reading skills with these fun-filled colorful lessons. Your 1st – 5th graders will enjoy perfecting their penmanship with meaningful Bible verses!

Each Horizons Penmanship Lesson Plan lays out the publisher's recommended course of study in Homeschool Planet and gives you and your student an easy-to-follow schedule of assignments.

What You Get:

  • The publisher's recommended course of study for each class in each lesson plan.
  • Daily assignments, with the applicable page numbers in the Horizons curriculum.
  • Check boxes for your students to check off as they complete their assignments, giving them a sense of accomplishment and giving you a permanent record of their achievement.
  • Lesson plan bundle includes ALL 6 lesson plans.
  • Automatic lesson plan updates as needed, with enhancements, link updates, etc.
    Note: You decide whether to apply the updates. 

Actual curriculum is not included, and should be purchased separately.

  • Automatic rescheduling of assignments when "life happens"
  • "Daily Digest" email reminders to help you and your child stay on track
  • Grade your student's work to recognize or reward completion.
  • Track attendance for states where this is required.
  • Generate reports, reminders, and much more!
  1. Complete your purchase.
  2. Sign into Homeschool Planet or refresh the page in your planner if you are already signed in. Homeschool Planet will give you an option to apply any new lesson plans you have purchased to your calendar.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the lesson plan, or find it later in your Homeschool Planet Lesson Plans library where it will be permanently saved for later use and re-use in years to come.
  4. Read your email confirmation for instructions concerning any curriculum purchases.
Lesson Plans

Horizons Penmanship Bundle - BEST VALUE!  For Grades 1 - 6

More Info

Lesson Plan bundle includes:
Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship For Grade 1
Horizons 2nd Grade Penmanship For Grade 2
Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship For Grade 3
Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship For Grade 4
Horizons 5th Grade Penmanship For Grade 5
Horizons 6th Grade Penmanship For Grade 6


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Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship  For Grade 1

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Horizons 2nd Grade Penmanship  For Grade 2

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Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship  For Grade 3

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Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship  For Grade 4

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Horizons 5th Grade Penmanship  For Grade 5

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Horizons 6th Grade Penmanship  For Grade 6

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