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Science Shepherd Homeschool Science Curriculum was developed for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers. It is an easy to understand curriculum with a reader-friendly layout which allows students the ability to work independently. With high quality, full color pictures and graphics as well as High school Biology lab videos even a parent with no Science background can successfully teach Science using Science Shepherd. This lesson plan for "Unearthing the Bible: How Archaeology Confirms Scripture" is perfect for individual study, family study, or even a Sunday School class!

Not convinced? Try our FREE Science Shepherd course and lesson plan, "The Genesis Worldview" with curriculum included today for a better understanding of both Science Shepherd and Homeschool Planet!

What You Get:

  • A 39 lesson 8 week Publisher-created lesson plan for your Science Shepherd course.
  • Daily assignments for readings, exercises, quizzes, videos, and tests.
  • Check boxes for your students to check off as they complete their assignments, giving them a sense of accomplishment and you a permanent record of their achievement.
  • Automatic lesson plan updates as needed, with enhancements, link updates, etc.
    Note: You decide whether to apply the updates.

Actual curriculum is not included, and should be purchased separately. Links to purchase Science Shepherd curriculum are found in the More Info section of the individual lesson plan offerings below.

  • Automatic rescheduling of assignments when "life happens"
  • "Daily Digest" email reminders to help you and your child stay on track
  • Grade your student's work to recognize or reward completion.
  • Track attendance for states where this is required.
  • Generate reports, reminders, and much more!
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Lesson Plans

The Genesis Worldview  For Grades 6 - 12

More Info

The Genesis Worldview is a multi-part video series from Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin that explores creation, Scripture, and scientific observation to show that science supports Scriptural sufficiency.

This course is free so that you can explore Science Shepherd curriculum and lesson plans as well as Homeschool Planet.

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Unearthing the Bible  For Grades 3 - 8

More Info

Just as every field of science continues to confirm the Scriptures, so does archaeology. This homeschool science course will take a look at a number of artifacts, manuscripts, structures and ruins left behind from biblical history and show how what we find in the dirt today is exactly what we’d expect to find if the Bible is truly GOD’s Word.

Through studying artifacts like Shalmaneser Monolith, the Pilate Dedication Stone and Caiaphas Ossuary, “Unearthing the Bible” demonstrates that what we read in the Bible are not just made up stories, but real events as proven by over 30 archaeological finds. Other finds include Sennacherib reliefs, Lachish Ostraca, Dead Sea Scrolls, Silver amulet bracelets, the ancient city of Dan, the City of David Administration Building, and many more.

You can purchase the curriculum here.

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