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Secular Eclectic Academic Science

Effortlessly add Secular Eclectic Academic Science- Microbiology curriculum to your homeschooling day with these complete lesson plans including embedded curriculum study guides for use with your Homeschool Planet subscription. Microbiology is a 12-chapter science course written for middle-grade learners, 4th – 7th grade. This is important and relevant science everyone should learn. Microbiology takes an integrated approach to science, weaving important and relevant topics in biology, immunology, genetics, ecology, health, and chemistry throughout for an immersive learning experience focused on microbial biology. The course meets important Next Generation Science Standards and incorporates many of the Common Core Standards for math and language arts.

A lesson plan only version of each this plan is also available for those who already own the curriculum.

Microbiology includes~
Weekly lessons include:
Curated videos, color photographs, & illustrations integrated in every chapter
Hands-on modeling and questions are also incorporated within each chapter to support reinforcement of essential concepts
There are 48 animated videos that were developed for this course, designed to highlight important science topics
Each chapter includes labs and activities that were written to support and scaffold around the concepts in the course
Incorporates writing, math, and history into the text
Using short-answer questions and scaffolded writing assignments, helping learners develop writing skills, to read and think analytically Art and design are also incorporated as students are encouraged to get creative while staying true to the principles of science

  • Automatic rescheduling of assignments when “life happens”
  • “Daily Digest” email reminders to help you and your child stay on track
  • Grade your student’s work to recognize or reward completion.
  • Track attendance for states where this is required.
  • Generate reports, reminders, and much more!
SEA Microbiology For Grades 4 - 7
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SEA Microbiology Lesson Plan Only For Grades 4 - 7
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