Science Shepherd Astronomy: God’s Universe, Level A Digital Bundle


Get everything needed for a year of Science Shepherd’s Christian astronomy curriculum. Bundle includes a streaming Video Course subscription, Workbook, and Answer Key. Choose from Level A or B.


  • Each bundle option includes everything needed to begin Astronomy: God’s Universe – a 15-month online Video Course subscription, Workbook, and Answer Key
  • One family, one subscription: purchase one Astronomy: God’s Universe video course subscription for your entire family*
  • Topics include the solar system, galaxies, dark matter, creation and more
  • Choose Level A for upper-elementary grade students
  • Level B is recommended for middle school students, with more advanced study in the areas of dark matter, dark energy, relativity, and more
  • Level A is 66 lessons and 7+ hours, Level B is 95 lessons and 11+ hours
  • Great for independent study
  • Provided 36-week schedule can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Fully developed by a homeschool family
  • Your choice of book format: Softcover or Digital (PDF Workbook, eBook Answer Key)
  • Digital format provides 15-month access to the eBook Answer Key*