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Homeschool Planet review by Shannan Swindler Blogspot button

Planning for Adventure in YOUR Homeschool

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We love this post by travel expert and homeschool mom, Shannan Swindler, who lives in Scotland. With the motto, “Have Passport. Will Travel.” Shannan is a pro at turning any homeschool subject into an adventure and even wrote a class about how to do just that! Find it here! Shannan’s site, Captivating Compass, is filled with all kinds of ways to seek adventure and learn about the world around us! Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Pebblekeeper Blogspot button

This Pretty Amazing Planner is My New Brain

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Today we are featuring a review from Angie at Pebblekeeper. Angie is a homeschool mom blogger who enjoys a relaxed home school learning environment for her middle school boys who love nature, the outdoors, LEGOs, drawing and writing. As part of This Old School House Review Crew, Angie reviews products with her unique relaxed style of homeschooling that incorporated deep learning. In Pebblekeeper, you will find insight on homeschooling, beach schooling, lake schooling, outdoor challenges and more. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Homeschool Gameschool Blogspot button

Simply the Best Planner I Have Ever Seen

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We are happy to feature a Homeschool Planet review from Meg, a gameschooling and homeschool mom blogger at Homeschool Gameschool. Meg is a mom of 6 awesome kids who is a veteran secular homeschool mom. Meg and her family are board game fanatics and are originally from Florida, but now call Southern California home. The Homeschool Gameschool blog provides authentic, play-based, hands-on education for all kids to enjoy. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Truth & Grace Homeschool Academy Blogspot button

I Love Things That Make My Life Simpler — This Planner Does It.

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This week we are featuring a review from Patti of Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy. Patti is a homeschool blogger who has successfully taken us through her A to Z blogging challenges. Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy’s 10th Anniversary of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is currently on Letter “I” for instruments. Pattie is also a part of the hope*writers community of working writers dedicated to helping each other out during their writing process. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Sharing Life's Moments Blogspot button

Create Assignments AND Much More with this Homeschool Planning Resource

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Crystal from Sharing Life’s Moments is our Homeschool Planet reviewer of the day. Sharing Life’s Moments is all about helping you make the most out of all your moments in life. Crystal shares with us most of her life’s interests and opens the doors into her insight into family life, making money from home, homeschooling, and hobbies & leisure. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Homeschool Review Diana Malament button

Learn to Schedule Everything Without a Paper Planner

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Today’s review is from Diana (FlyMama Di) at Homeschool Review blog spot. FlyMama DI is part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew. She has generated trustworthy reviews of all types of homeschool curriculum, products, and resources. She is predominantly Charlotte Mason homeschool mom with a bent toward the Classic but admittedly is too creative to keep things clean. I am sure some of us can relate. She also is a crafter at Crafting for Online Angels, an amazing cause. Read More

Homeschool Planet Command Center review by Apron Strings & Other Things Linda Sears button

This is Not Your Ordinary Planner, it is a Command Center!

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Today we would like to feature Linda Sears’ Apron Strings & Other Things review of Homeschool Planet’s homeschool planner online. Linda has been homeschooling for almost a quarter century and has been married for over 3 decades. The Sears have 8 children, 2 daughters-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, and 12 grandchildren. She began blogging years ago and she shares tidbits, tales, tricks, and tips from her days as a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother. You will enjoy all of Linda’s favorite recipes or creative projects along with her insight on raising a family. Read More

Homeschool Planet review by Homeschool Hideout by Tiffany Jordan button

Can a Planner-Girl Really Fall in Love with an Online Homeschool Planner?

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Tiffany Jordan at Homeschool Hideout is providing this week’s review of Homeschool Planet. Tiffany has always been a hands-on mom to three super cool kids, one is a brainiac, one wants to be a Vet, and the other loves watching bull-riding videos. She started off as a young mom and has loved every step of the way. In Homeschool Hideout, you will find Tiffany’s take on hands-on parenting, homeschooling, and mom life. Head over to her site for a fun ride. Read More

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