High School Transcripts – How to Generate them in a Click

A big cause of paranoia in homeschooling is the worry of not doing enough for your child to enter college. What do you need in in a transcript? Learn how to put this worry behind you and generate high school transcripts in only a click. High school transcripts cause one of the most fears in high school moms than any other fear with homeschooling older kids. You can do all you can to ensure your child is at a certain level of knowledge to proceed from year to year but when do you start capturing what they have learned in order to produce a viable transcript for graduate school or trade school? Do you start at the middle school level? High school?

There is a worry of doing the transcripts correctly or putting so much time in it only to realize that colleges won’t accept them somehow. It’s amazing what stress a little paper can cause us. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It totally doesn’t have to be a huge deal, especially when you have a tool that provides a perfect high school transcript with no stress and in one simple click.

Of course, there are some things that you need prior to worrying about transcripts. You would need a clear plan to what your high schooler would need to learn. It would also be a good idea to look at the colleges around you6 area to get a feel for what admission requirements are. That way you can weave the requirements into your curriculum plan and still have room for other subjects or courses that you may want them to learn. If you want some subject or course ideas, Homeschool Planet has over 1250+ professionally designed lesson plans from amazing publishers for high schoolers to explore. Having your curriculum plan or an idea of the courses you would like included on your student’s transcript beforehand can help you plan out their high school journey and your duty as their educator.

You also do not want to wait until your child is almost done with high school to start a transcript. You definitely want to start building the transcript when they start high school. Having to backtrack together documentation of what your student has done when they were a freshman will be super difficult, no matter how well you think you could recall the grades or courses they were given. So, start early and add to your transcript along the way.

Each state has its own system for calculating credits and its own credit requirements for graduation; you can find the requirements in the state’s department of education website. Most states see a year-long course as one credit and require around 20-24 credits for high school graduation. Remember to see your area’s/state’s requirements. They usually have a system for calculating credits and obtain the number of credits required for graduation.

Usually, homeschooled students can earn 1 high school credit by:

• Completing a high school level textbook
• Taking a semester-long course at a local college
• Taking an online course (at either the high school or college level)
• Completing a year-long unit study

Keeping accurate records along the way and staying on track can get pretty overwhelming, especially if you have a house full, but Homeschool Planet can take all that overwhelm and make it simple.

We are responsible for creating our children’s high school transcripts ourselves, but with a tool like Homeschool Planet being your personal assistant in gathering grades, attendance, courses and more it will be a cinch.

Homeschool Planet captures all you need to be included in a transcript. Some other features of Homeschool Planet include:

• Print daily or weekly assignment and activity checklists
• Completed or uncompleted assignment and activity lists can be printed
• Print professional looking reports of Class hours for both Core and non-Core subjects
• Print, or save to PDF, customizable Report Cards and Transcripts
• Extensive reports to help you manage grades, attendance, activities, and more.
• Filter all reports to include exactly what you need, and only what you need with Homeschool Planet’s comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities.
• Create Grade Reports (summary or detail), Assignment lists (done or undone!), and compile all Class Notes.
• Track your books and resources.
• Track and report class hours with a convenient clock icon that lets you see exactly which items you are tracking.

Homeschool Planet creates a professional looking transcript which is fully customizable with spots for activities, honors, and standardized test scores. You can even enter previous information for a complete picture and choose the scales and weights for your child’s GPA.

High school transcripts are required for any type of higher education. Even if a homeschooled student intends to go straight into the workforce, having a transcript is still important, as employers might request at least a high school transcript.

We devote so much time and energy to providing our kids with the best information. Capturing all your student’s hard work on a transcript at the end of high school is such a relieving and accomplished feeling. Head over to Homeschool Planet for a planner and all-in-one organizer that can generate your teen’s high school transcript in one click.

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