Educational Discounts You Don’t Want To Miss: Use Your Homeschool ID Card Today!

Now that we have a Homeschool ID Card available for students and teachers alike, take a look at all the educational discounts available for homeschoolers with identification. From local museums to The Apple Store, your Homeschool Planet ID card will help you save money.

The Benefits Of Having A Homeschool ID Card

Because your homeschooled child does not have access to a traditional school ID card, we have created a homeschool ID card option that is free and allows you access all the same benefits.

The advantages of having a homeschool ID card include:

  • Provides emergency identification for minors
  • Increases access to educator discounts
  • Serves as proof of homeschooling
  • Equivalent to a traditional student ID, giving your child access to special admission prices, discounts and much more

Educational Discounts Available For Homeschoolers With ID

Having a homeschool ID card in your wallet can be handy for a lot of reasons, but a BIG benefit of having an ID that proves you homeschool is … discounts.

That’s right – from bookstores to craft stores to museums and more, a homeschool ID card can be your ticket to all kinds of bargains.

Through Homeschool Planet, you can get a Homeschool ID card for you and your kiddos and start saving right away.

Homeschool Deals Galore

There are a lot of homeschool deals available if you are able to prove you are a homeschool parent or homeschooled kid.

And … although a few places may take you at your word (you are at their store at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday, afterall) – most require an ID card.

Homeschool Planet offers FREE ID cards that you can customize and print right at home. You can laminate your cards for extra protection, or just print them on cardstock.

So head over and print out your ID card(s), or order printed plastic versions to be sent right to your door, and get ready to save.

Businesses That Offer Homeschool Discounts

First, keep in mind that there might be small businesses in your community that offer discounts for homeschoolers, especially school supply stores. It never hurts to ask!

Here is a list of larger companies that offer homeschool discounts:


Joann – Offering 15 percent off purchases, Joann’s Teacher Discount Program has saved us a lot between our own use and buying supplies for co-op classes.

Books-A-Million – A Books-A-Million Educator Discount card will save you 20 percent on purchases in store, and get you free shipping with online purchases. You can also save during special Educator Week events.

Apple – If you or your kiddos need a new computer or ipad, head here for special educator discount pricing.

TargetHomeschool Teachers qualify for savings at Target. (And if you have older kids in the military or college, they can apply for discounts as well.) Head here to get started. 

Office Depot/Office Max – Get 30 percent back in bonus awards with this coupon. (Look for the Teacher Exclusive Coupon) and bring it into your local store with your Homeschool ID card.

Scholastic Books – Homeschool teachers can receive discounts at Scholastic stores and Book Club Events. The key is to register first. Head here or call Scholastic at 1-800-724-6527 to learn more.

Michaels – Homeschool teachers qualify for Michael’s Teacher Discount Program. However, in addition to ID showing your school, your full name and your status as faculty/staff, stores may request a current pay stub.

If this comes up, Michael’s suggests you contact their customer service.

Blick Art Stores – Blick offers 10 percent off to teachers, as well as art resources and lesson plans here. Students may be eligible for discounts as well.

SilhouetteSilhouette may not be an immediately recognizable name to homeschoolers, but traditional teachers are big fans of their design supplies and software. Create models, classroom signs, decor and more. As of 2023, Silhouette was offering a 20 percent discount for teachers on most purchases from

Party CityParty City offers “all schools and nonprofits,” discounts, so it’s worth swinging by your local store with your Homeschool ID card. They also request “a letter, signed by an officer of your school or organization on official letterhead,” but here is one way to provide that.

Fat Brain Toys – Depending on where you live and what sort of paperwork you are required to file each year, you may be able to get a 10 percent discount at Fat Brain Toys.

According to their site the discount is available to any: “Authorized homeschool teacher with current documentation or proof of membership in an official homeschool organization.” 

Half-Price Books – Half-Price Books offers 10 percent off as part of the HPB Educator Discount Program. According to the Half-Price Books Website, “Homeschoolers should provide verification from their state or local homeschooling organization where applicable.”

ThriftBooks – Earn free books through ThriftBooks – get a free book with the purchase of every four books. Head here and click the Homeschool option to learn more.

HP Computers – Students can qualify for up to 40 percent off on HP technology. Head to and click “Get Deal.”

Dell – Dell is another computer company that offers educational discounts.

Goodwill – Many Goodwill stores offer teacher and student discount days. Ask at your local location.

Software/Digital Products and Services

Adobe – Learn about Adobe discounts for teachers and students here. Students can even create a portfolio of work to share with potential employers.

Microsoft – Microsoft offers students discounts on some devices and accessories, and offers Microsoft Teams for free to teachers and students. Some Microsoft Discounts may require a school email address, so head here for eligibility requirements or here for more information.

EdAlive Online Learning – Australia-based EdAlive offers a discount for homeschoolers on their online educational games including Typing Tournament, Maths Invaders, Volcanic Panic Reading Success and Words Rock.

Museums, Parks Historical Locations and More

Keep in mind that many museums offer free homeschool days during the school year. Check your local museum websites.

Many museums and science centers offer free admission to teachers or special discount days. 

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offers special homeschool programs, and if you’re heading there, keep in mind that Smithsonian museums are free. (With the exception of the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City.)

Art Museums/Institutes – Art museums like the Crocker Art Museum offer homeschool days. The Art Institute of Chicago offers a free educator pass. Just fill out this form.

Big Air Trampoline Parks – Big Air Trampoline Parks offer Mid-Day Madness events at a discounted price when you “provide proof of homeschool status.” Check locations here.

LEGOLAND – LEGOLAND in Orlando, FL, offers discounted tickets for homeschoolers. Some other LEGOLAND locations offer homeschool discounts as well. 

Colonial WilliamsburgColonial Williamsburg hosts discounted days and discounted pricing for homeschool groups.

National Parks – Fourth grade students and their families – including homeschool students – get FREE admission to national parks for their entire fourth-grade year thanks to the Every Kid in a Park Initiative. Find a list of parks here.

Regal Theaters – Regal Movie Theater Locations offer discounts to students who present ID. Look for a location near you.

Great Wolf Lodge – Great Wolf Lodge Resort and Water Park Locations sometimes offer discounted stays. If you have a Great Wolf Lodge location near you, keep an eye on your email and social media.

Finally, locations like Gatlinburg, TN, and Branson, MO, offer big discounts on homeschool family vacations.

Just For Students

With a Student ID, your child can qualify for discounts on food, technology and even fitness memberships.

Teach them to ask, “Do you offer student discounts?” and then pass over their Homeschool Student ID.

Homeschool students might also qualify for “good student” discounts on expenses like car insurance with an ID and proof of grades (report cards are also easily available in the Homeschool Planet Planner!).

It Never Hurts to Ask About a Homeschool Discount

Many businesses big and small offer educator or teacher discounts, and some happily include homeschoolers.

Hotels, clothing stores, restaurants, cell phone service providers, bookstores, art supply and craft stores and more may gladly accept your ID or your student’s ID and help you get a discount.

Being able to prove your homeschool status may help your co-op or homeschool group get group discounts as well.

And remember that management of chains varies a lot by location. If you have trouble using a homeschool ID card in a store, it can be helpful to call the corporate office and politely request more information. Homeschooling is still not quite mainstream enough that every employee will know how to grant your request for a discount, teacher card or coupon.

The lesson here is, it never hurts to ask.

Finally, keep an eye out for Teacher Appreciation or Teacher Discount Days. Your Homeschool ID might help you save.

Just head here to print your own FREE Homeschool ID Card, and Homeschool ID cards for your kids, or order printed plastic cards to be sent to you.

Happy saving!