How Homeschool Planet Helps Children with Learning Differences

One of the biggest struggles of homeschooling a child with learning differences is creating and sticking to a routine.

You really want to give your kids stability and structure, but it can feel like a full-time job sometimes just keeping the homeschool train on the tracks.

Add in that children with learning differences may have more outside appointments and therapies and it’s no wonder that so many of us search for a homeschool planner that really works for our kids unique needs.

That’s why I am so grateful to have found Homeschool Planet’s online homeschool planner. 

online homeschool planner

Homeschooling a Child with Learning Differences

Learning differences are more prevalent than most of us realize. Some sources say as many as 1 in 5 children have a learning difference such as ADHD or Dyslexia.

Our goal as homeschool parents is to set our children up to succeed, but when kids have learning differences or challenges, we have the added challenge of providing tools that support them.

Whether it’s a clear visual representation of their schedule, or giving kids flexibility that still keeps them learning, Homeschool Planet is a fabulous tool that can grow with your child and help them to become more independent over time.

Simplified Planning for Kids with Learning Differences

Homeschool Planet’s online homeschool planner offers all-in-one planning not just for assignments, but for classes, chores, sports, music lessons, work schedules and anything else your family needs to stay on top of. 

It’s fully mobile for you and your kids who have cell phones, and entirely customizable for your whole family – yet each child is able to focus on their own individual plan.

This cuts down on confusion and “noise,” and can support children with attention issues and ADHD.

The Benefits of Using Homeschool Planet with Kids with Learning Challenges

Unique Profiles For Each Child

Homeschool Planet is fully adaptable and you can set up unique profiles for each child.

That means each child can see their profile, and not have to navigate through the entire calendar to find what’s on their schedule for the day (The calendar actually provides daily, weekly and monthly views.)

This helps growing kids gain independence, plus Homeschool Planet has extra features in place designed to equip students with additional support.

Text Reminders

Parents can set up text reminders to be sent to kids about upcoming appointments or plans. Parents can even attach a to-do list with important notes like: “don’t forget your water bottle, sunscreen and goggles.”

Each individual student profile also provides daily and weekly email digests, so students can start each day with a clear plan of action, and know what’s coming in the week ahead

That’s vital for kids who struggle with unexpected transitions and do best when they know what to expect.

Visual Representation Of Their Day

In the calendar feature, students get a visual representation of their day, which is helpful for kids who need to be able to refer to something static and concrete in order to know what’s next. The calendar also allows users to change fonts, which can make text easier to read for kids with Dyslexia and other reading challenges.


Interacting with the calendar is a multi-sensory experience, which can keep kids interested and engaged.

But for those who prefer a paper schedule taped to the fridge or their bedroom door, Homeschool Planet calendars are fully printable in both color and black and white options, depending on your child’s preferences and needs.

Easily Accessible To-Do Lists

Finally, Homeschool Planet goes a level deeper than most planners. It’s easy to create individual to-do lists for each child and even more in the interactive sidebar. You can even add a weather widget if your child has a hard time intuitively knowing how best to dress for the day ahead.

How Using Homeschool Planet Helps Parents

Homeschool Planet’s Online Planner is a great tool for parents of kids with learning challenges, because kids can consult their email digests or individualized calendar and parents don’t have to worry about answering the question,”what’s next,” multiple times per day.

Having everything planned out (you can set up a whole school year if you’d like!) can help ease the tension of being wholly responsible for keeping your child on schedule. You can go back to being Mom or Dad, while Homeschool Planet provides structure for everyone.

And, if you are looking for flexibility – if you have a child who suddenly becomes fascinated in a new topic, for instance – it’s quick and easy to re-arrange schedules to accommodate on-the-spot learning.

As your kids gain independence through using Homeschool Planet, you gain time and peace of mind, knowing that everything from assignments to chores to teen work schedules are available online and on-the-go.

Plus, Homeschool Planet automatically integrates with more than 3,100 current plans from popular homeschool curriculum programs, making scheduling quick and easy, even for multiple kids.

Finally, a Planner to Help Kids with Learning Differences and Additional Needs

Homeschool Planet’s online homeschool planner really is different from any other planning system out there.

Your kids can each see what they need to see, and parents can rely on Homeschool Planet to organize school schedules, track attendance and even create transcripts.

Best of all, it’s simple to use and quick to set up. Just sign up for a free 30-day trial, and follow this quick tutorial to set up individualized profiles for every member of your family.

You really can bring ease and peace to your homeschool and meet each of your kids’ unique learning needs with Homeschool Planet – it just takes a few clicks!

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