How Unit Studies Can Enhance Your Homeschool

The core subjects in homeschooling are a given. Math. Science. Reading. History. We know we have to teach them. Unit studies can definitely break up the monotony in your homeschool. Aside from changing up the normality of your instruction, unit studies can also enrich your child’s education. Learn how unit studies can enhance your homeschool and make things a little more interesting for the kids.

A unit study is also called a thematic study. This type of instruction derives from choosing a topic or a theme, then designing a learning experience around that topic or theme.

Unit studies allow you and your students to think outside the box to find ways to tie different subjects together. What is interesting about unit studies is that they are built in the same manner that our brains are built to work. Like unit studies make connections with other subjects to build on a child’s knowledge base like a web., so our brains work to build connections between the information that we learn also like a web.

Much of how students learn is by way of building links between something they already know, to something new. We often don’t even realize how the brain is making the connections, but it is. When a child first learns how to write letters, it is because they first knew how to build a line, how to hold a pencil in their hand, and have seen it done before.

In using unit studies, many subjects are pulled together to create connections that make it easier for children to internalize and remember. Unit studies help students learn in a way that can help them in real life situations and problem-solving skills.

Research has shown that unit studies allow students to retain 45% more information than by using a traditional learning approach alone. A conventional approach to teaching is definitely necessary. Core subjects are needed, but a unit study weaved into your homeschool can truly bring many benefits.

Unit studies can enhance your homeschool by teaching your children how to work together.

Whether you have two kids or many, unit studies, allow for them to work together effectively. Unit studies work well for multiple-child, multiple-age learning in the homeschool setting. A unit study can get your older kids working with the younger kids, and younger kids will learn from what the older ones are sharing.

Young children can draw pictures, while older kids can write a story. There are many films that families can watch together to build a unit study around. Kids will practice taking turns, listening to each other, and even work projects together and present them to you together.

Unit studies can enhance your homeschool by teaching for more in-depth knowledge.

Although you may use textbooks and workbooks now and again, they tend to focus on specified information. I use them for some subjects myself throughout the year. Learning facts about a subject on the surface is way different than learning them deep enough to bring about knowledge that lasts. Learning Algebraic Equations can get pretty dry and challenging. Learning about where it came from, why we learn it, and child geniuses who “get” it, can build a connection to motivate a student to learn the subject more freely.

Unit studies can enhance your homeschool by teaching what your child is interested in.

When a child shows interest in a topic, and you can build on that topic through all types of subjects, your child is more likely to be intrigued by the lessons. If your children are taking music lessons and love it, then that is a sure fire way to utilize a unit study.

Your child can write an essay about the history of the instrument. They can explore the areas in the globe that is known for that instrument. You can study the music, search for math problems that use instruments as an example, read and do book reports of a famous artist who use the instrument, and explore how they are made for a science project.

Learning through unit studies can transition our kids to a mindset that thinks broadly about a subject instead of narrowly. Seeking connections to find solutions is a skill that many young students aren’t being challenged to explore.

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When kids take interest in something and you build lessons around that interest, their motivation will skyrocket. Knowing the ins and outs of a topic can broaden a child’s knowledge base for deep and lasting understanding. Getting your children to work together in learning builds strong relationships and also broadens the knowledge base through information sharing. Each of these can enhance any homeschool exponentially.

Will you be using unit studies this year in your homeschool? Are there any unit study topics you want to share or have questions about?