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Archiving Lesson Plans

Is your Lesson Plan library full of lesson plans you have both purchased and those you have created? Homeschool Planet allows you to archive lesson plans so that they are still there but don’t clutter up the list of what you plan to apply in the current year! To learn how to easily archive plans for future reference and use see the directions below!

User Guide for Homeschool Planet Lesson Plans What is archiving?

Archiving a lesson plan means that you would like to hide it from view when you are looking at your list of lesson plans but that you would also like to keep it for future use and reference. When you have lesson plans archived you will still be able to view all of them with a single click and will be able to unarchive individual plans, as well as all of those purchased in a bundle, by simply choosing the unarchive option on a a single plan or bundle at any time.

Finding your Lesson Plans

The first step to archiving a Homeschool Planet plug-in lesson plan is finding it!

After logging into your account, all lesson plans are found in your Lesson Plan Library by clicking on the drop-down menu labeled “Calendar” in the upper right-hand side of your screen and choosing the “Lesson Plans” option.

On this screen, you will see all your lesson plans listed in two sections, one for your “Purchased Lesson Plans” (those you have purchased from the Marketplace) and the other for “My Lesson Plans” (those that you have either created from a class or made from scratch).

Archiving a lesson plan

  1. Locate the lesson plan that you would like to archive, then select the “Archive” button to the far right of the plan name.
  2. That’s it! The plan will then “disappear” from your line-up unless you have the “Show Archived Lesson Plans” button at the top right of your Lesson Plan Library selected.

Note: Lesson plans which have been purchased from the Marketplace in a bundle are treated a s a single product so archiving one lesson plan in a bundle will archive the entire bundle. 

Viewing Archived Lesson Plans

  1. To view the lesson plans which you have archived simply check the box at the top righthand corner of your Lesson Plan Library which reads “Show Archived Lesson Plans”  and all the lesson plans will appear.
  2. When this button is selected archived lesson plans will have a red button that reads “Unarchive” in the spot where the Archive button usually resides.
  3. Deselect the “Show Archived Lesson Plans” buttons to hide them once again.

Note: The Marketplace and My Lesson Plans sections each have their own Show Archived Lesson Plans control. 

Unarchiving Lesson Plans

  1. Unarchiving lesson plans follows the reverse process of archiving them.
  2. Simply check the “Show Archived Lesson Plans” to view the plans.
  3. Next, choose the “Unarchive” button and they will appear in your library permanently. Well, unless you archive them again! 🙂

The screenshots below show each of these steps.

Screenshot Images

Archiving a Lesson Plan Video Tutorial:

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