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Editing Grades

Sometimes a student improves their grade after it has been entered and recorded. Other times you may discover that you have entered a grade incorrectly. Whatever the reason you need to change a grade in your Homeschool Planet you will find it a very simple process. To learn how see the directions below.

Directions for Editing a Grade

The first step to editing a grade you have entered in Homeschool Planet is to locate the grade that needs to changed. There are two options to locate a previously entered grade. Use the one best for your situation.

    • If you know the date of the assignment that needs a grade change you can go to that date and class and select the “grades” link for that day. A pop-up box will appear where you can just write over the previously entered grade(s).
    • If you know the class, but not the exact date of the grade you wish to update, or if you have several grades in one class to edit, you can select the title of the class from anywhere on the calendar and then choose edit. Next navigate to the Grading tab. Uncheck the box which reads, “Show only ungraded assignments” and all the previous entered grades for that class will appear. Once you located the assignment to be changed in that list you can write over the previously entered grade.

That is all there is to it!

Screenshots for Editing Grades


Editing Grades Video Tutorial

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