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The Grading Helper

The Homeschool Planet Grading Helper was designed to make the process of recording grades as straight forward and flexible as possible. You can launch it on demand or ask the software to automatically launch this feature each day when you login. To learn more about this helpful feature see the directions below.

User Guide for Grading

Launching the Grading Helper Manually

  1. You can launch the Grading Helper at any time to see a list of all assignments which need to have grades added.
  2. To do this, simply go to the Helpers menu at the top of the Homeschool Planet menu bar and select the Grading Helper from the drop-down menu.
  3. A list of all ungraded assignments will appear.
  4. You may adjust the date range by using the two calendars which read Starting on and Ending on.
  5. To pull up assignments which do have grades entered simply uncheck the box which reads, “Show only ungraded assignments.”
  6. When you finished adding grades select OK to save your entries.

Launching the Grading Helper Automatically

  1. You can set the Grading Helper to launch automatically each day when you login so that you can catch up on the previous day’s entries.
  2. To set the Grading Helper to run each day go to the Settings menu in the menu bar.
  3. Next go to the General tab and then choose the Helpers tab within that section.
  4. In Helper Settings set the “Automatically launch Rescheduling and Grading helpers each day” to Yes.
  5. Select Save and the helpers will pop-up each day so you can enter grades as instructed above.
  6. If you would ever like to stop the helpers from launching automatically simply return to the Helper Settings menu and change the option back to No.

Screenshots for Using the Grading Helper

Grading helper button from the menu bar across the top of your Homeschool Planet planner

Homeschool Planet Automatic Grading Helper screenshot button

Automatic grading helper in general settings

Homeschool Planner rescheduling and grading helpers

The Grading Helper Video Tutorial

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