The Top Music Education Ideas for Homeschoolers

Music Education Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult or Expensive

Homeschooling allows parents to give their children a well-rounded education that encompasses all subject areas, including music. However, in my talks with many homeschoolers through the years, I’ve come to realize that music is one of the most difficult subjects for many to include in their homeschools. There are several reasons for this, including the homeschool mom not knowing anything about music herself in order to teach it. Also, music lessons can be expensive. But, I’m here to tell you today that everyone can easily include music in their homeschools! Here are the top music education ideas for homeschoolers.

The Top Music Education Ideas for Homeschoolers

The Top Music Education Ideas for Homeschoolers

Instrument Instruction

Probably the first thought when picturing how to include music in the homeschool is through private instrument or voice lessons, whether in person or online. It’s wonderful to have an experienced music teacher speak directly into a student to help them develop as a musician. But, this is also probably the most expensive way to add music education. Another option that Music in Our Homeschool provides is self-paced instrument instruction with the following courses: Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry, Guitar Time with Ben, and Singing Made Easy.

Group Ensembles

Group ensemble classes for choir, band, or orchestra are another fun way to grow as a musician. Search in your area to see what’s available. Sometimes local public or private schools allow homeschoolers to join their music ensemble groups. Many homeschool co-ops include music ensembles as well.

Musical Theater

Musical theater is a fun way to learn acting, singing, and dancing as well as to perform in front of an audience. My family has greatly loved being involved in our local community theater organization. Check to see what community theater options you have in your area.

Music Appreciation

Taking a music appreciation course is perfect for all ages, preschool through college age. Music appreciation includes learning about composers, famous pieces of music, musical styles, theory such as form, and how instruments are used in different types of music. Music Appreciation is a great way to expose your children to a variety of different styles of music from around the world. There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest is simply by listening to music together as a family and discussing what you like and don’t like about each piece. You can learn music appreciation through a book with audio or video examples that you pick up at the library or through an online course. Homeschool co-ops are the perfect place to include a music appreciation course. Some of the music appreciation courses available through Music in Our Homeschool that you can do at home or at a co-op are Learn Classical Music with Cartoons, 15-Minute Music Lessons, World Music for Elementary, and American Music for Elementary.

Music History

Music History is a more detailed course than music appreciation, but you’ll still learn about composers, styles, and famous pieces of music. You’ll listen to lots of music and begin to distinguish between them as far as the era it’s from, the style, and the composer. It’s a great option for high schoolers who need a Fine Arts credit. And, I highly recommend it for those planning to be music majors in college. Music in Our Homeschool offers three high-school-level music history courses divided by musical era: Middle Ages through Classical Era (450-1799), Romantic Era (1800s), and 20th Century (1900-today).

Early Childhood Music Courses

Early childhood music and movement courses have been around for many years. You might find a class at a local park district, homeschool co-op, or even in a mom’s home (as I used to teach it!). These mommy-and-me classes are for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and offer the opportunity for young children to begin hearing great pieces of music, to play simple rhythm instruments to practice steady beat, to feel the music in their bodies through dancing, and to learn to sing in pitch.

Music Theory

Music Theory is learning about how music works. It can be as basic as learning the notes and spaces of the treble and bass clefs and the difference between a quarter note and an eighth note or as detailed as an advanced college-level AP Music Theory course where the students learn to listen to a musical example and write in down in musical notation. All students studying an instrument or singing should learn some music theory. Sometimes the instructor includes it with the music lessons. Other times a student needs to supplement with learning on their own. Music in Our Homeschool offers beginning and advanced music theory courses in the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership.

Music Composition

Composition and songwriting are excellent ways for students to use their creativity and imagination while also developing their musical skills. You can find courses for learning composition and songwriting online, but you’ll also want to learn basic music theory, so you might want to start there.

Live Performances

Don’t neglect going to hear music performed live! So much can be gained from attending symphony, opera, ballet, jazz band, musical theater and other music performances. Check the local high school and colleges as well as city ensembles and theaters to find the dates. Often, you can find some performances specifically for young children. If possible, find out what is being performed ahead of time and listen to the music and/or learn the story (of the opera, musical, or ballet) before you go. This will make it even more enjoyable for the children.

Music Competitions

There are also many music festivals and competitions that welcome homeschooled students held throughout the year across the country for instrumental, vocal, composition, and more! These can be great motivators for continuing with music lessons and provide opportunities to meet other like-minded young musicians.

Music in Our Homeschool Courses

Whether you’re looking for ways to supplement your child’s current musical education or wanting to start from scratch, plenty of options are available for homeschoolers in music education. Do some research, explore the best fit for your family and situation, and then start making beautiful music together! If you’re interested in the courses I offer at Music in Our Homeschool, you can see them all at Try out some free music lessons here:

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