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…a big bomb of awesomeness

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I have been using Homeschool Planet since the Fall of 2016. After reading a few reviews I knew I had found my match. I was in love with all of its intuitive features. It was like they knew what I needed before I knew what I needed… – Read the full review…

Lindsey Stomberg – Talking mom2mom

…sanity saving benefits…

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Homeschool Planet offers the most customization for an online homeschool planner I’ve seen. Everything from choosing your theme to adding widgets you need. This planner really can meet the needs of every homeschooler no matter their style.

…Homeschool Planet can help any homeschooling mom tame the chaos by simplifying your planning with an all in one planning system… – Read the full review…

Amy Mattson

I wish I would’ve tried Homeschool Planet a long time ago!

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Homeschool Planet is an easy to use, comprehensive online planner, designed to help homeschoolers combine their school life with their work and personal lives. Moreover, it functions as a communication tool between mom/teacher and kids/students (exactly what I need!).

Homeschool Planet is how it covers literally every single aspect of planning that I encounter in running my home and teaching my children.

Homeschool Planet really is easy to use (even for a paper planning, not so knowledgeable user like me) with tons of options for flexibility and use in real life… – Read the full review…

Shawna Wingert

… this was so easy!

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When I realized Homeschool Planet had the ability to replace not only the weekly planners for each of my kids, but also my own to do lists, working schedule, shopping lists, chore lists and more, I kinda geeked out!

Technology and I don’t always get along. However, this was so easy! .. – Read the full review…

Jennifer Mackinnon

…designed to fit your approach specifically.

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If you want to know the truth, the one feature that really sold me on Homeschool Planet is the Rescheduling Helper. Sure, I love the idea of getting all my ducks in a row ahead of time. I definitely feel better about the year, month, or individual week of school if I know I have plans in place.

But, as all homeschool moms know, things don’t always go according to plan. For this reason, the idea of planning more than a week in advance seemed like a waste. I figured the time I’d save pre-planning would be lost in all the shuffling and re-structuring I’d have to do when someone got sick or a last-minute outing used up a school day… – Read the full review…

Lynna Sutherland