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I wish I would’ve tried Homeschool Planet a long time ago!

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Homeschool Planet is an easy to use, comprehensive online planner, designed to help homeschoolers combine their school life with their work and personal lives. Moreover, it functions as a communication tool between mom/teacher and kids/students (exactly what I need!).

Homeschool Planet is how it covers literally every single aspect of planning that I encounter in running my home and teaching my children.

Homeschool Planet really is easy to use (even for a paper planning, not so knowledgeable user like me) with tons of options for flexibility and use in real life… – Read the full review…

Shawna Wingert

… this was so easy!

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When I realized Homeschool Planet had the ability to replace not only the weekly planners for each of my kids, but also my own to do lists, working schedule, shopping lists, chore lists and more, I kinda geeked out!

Technology and I don’t always get along. However, this was so easy! .. – Read the full review…

Jennifer Mackinnon

…the answer to my dreams.

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…But can a planner-girl really fall in love with an online homeschool planner?

The answer is “yes.” As much as I thought differently, an online homeschool planner is the answer to my dreams. Not just any planner, but Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op’s Homeschool Planet.

The easy-to-use interface is what sets Homeschool Planet apart from other online homeschool planners… – Read the full review…

Tiffany Jordon

…this is perfect!

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Homeschool Buyers Co-op has Homeschool Planet which is a digital planner and wonderful option to for my routine bucking AND they give you step by step instructions on how to create an app for your phone. You can take this planner anywhere you go that you are homeschooling. As someone who addicted to her phone at times, and always worried that we’re forgetting to do something… – Read the full review…

Ashley Mullen

This was my lifesaver!

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I love paper and pencil, but I also love not having to scribble and erase when life happens and our plans change. Homeschool Planet has given the freedom to easily change what needs to be changed and I can still print out the week for each child to have their own paper copy if needed. I really liked Homeschool Planet before, but now with the lesson plan option, I am in love! This online planner has made my planning work easier and for that I am forever thankful!.. – Read the full review…

Amanda Hopkins – Hopkins Homeschool