Ready Made School Will Simplify Your Homeschool Year

Have you ever lacked confidence in your ability to homeschool your children or felt unsure in how much work is appropriate to schedule each day for your child’s age and stage of learning? Do you have family or friends who don’t support your decision to homeschool and this has left you feeling insecure in your curriculum choices? Does your family have special circumstances this year that means you need a change to your homeschool routine and curriculum?

Whatever your circumstances are or reasons causing you to consider a change, Ready Made School can help simplify your homeschool curricula search, lesson planning, and so much more!

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So What Is Ready Made School?

Ready Made School makes homeschooling easier by providing parents with a ready-made curriculum bundle, digital planner with lesson plans for the year, and parent-teacher training.

We have built Ready Made School to accommodate all families of students grades 1-12, offering a variety of format and worldviews that that makes space at the table for all. With all the different ways we have provided for you to customize your selections, you are sure to find what you need to meet your student’s needs.

There are four categories of packages to choose from for grades 1-12:

  • Faith Focused Book Based Packages
  • Faith Focused Video Based Packages
  • Secular/ Neutral Book Based Packages
  • Secular/ Neutral Video Based Packages

CLICK HERE to see all the ways that you can customize these packages to fit the needs and desires of your unique family.

Ready Made School Categories

Sit back and relax … Ready Made School relieves the stress and pressure from planning the next school year.

We understand the stress today’s homeschooling parents are under. As an experienced homeschooling family you are probably being bombarded with questions and comments regularly. In conjunction with The Homeschooling Expert, and several top curricula companies we have created a solution for families looking for answers. Whether you are a beginning homeschooler and don’t know where to start or a seasoned pro and just need a change, we have a solution to help!

Watch the video below to learn more…