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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimonial from Carrie

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Homeschool planet is a great online planner! It keeps track of assignments, grades, transcripts and much more! It is also very user-friendly.

Testimonial from Angela Gendreau

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The program is so easy to use, clear to see. As a new homeschool parent, it is a big help. The Math U See lesson plans are fantastic. It saved me so much time and frustration, thank you.

Tracy Whitt

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I love everything about Homeschool Planet! I really like how easy it is to plan our days, change lessons when things don’t work out, move lessons around easily, print the plans out, the ease of grading, and SO much more. I looked at several planning apps and websites before finding Homeschool Planet, and I knew this one was the best, with everything I was looking for.

Testimonial from Heather E.

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Homeschool Planet has absolutely transformed our school weeks! We have a household that necessitates a flexible schedule due to medical needs and doctor visits. Prior to using Homeschool Plant, unexpected medical issues would require the tedious of job of going through the calendar and bumping all school assignments. Homeschool Planet not only allows me to easily push assignments to later dates, it also allows me to adjust the school year (adding or removing days) to accommodate our ever-changing schedule. I love this product!

Testimonial from Katy

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Homeschool Planet has saved my brain! I started mid-school year and it was easy to set up classes and assignments (and activities) for my 3 children. My oldest receives an email each morning with her assignments (including links to associated websites) and she often starts her work before I get up! I have also used it for meal planning so I can see our life and meals all in one place. When I needed to wrap up the school year a couple weeks earlier than I had originally planned, it was easy to move, combine and delete assignments to adjust the school plan to fit our life. My sanity is so glad for Homeschool Planet.

Testimonial from K Holloway

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I have been homeschooling for 7 years. Over those years I have never found exactly what is as looking for in a planner….until Homeschool Planet. I will never use anything else. It is by far the best solution to plan out our homeschool year. I can enter as little or as much as I want. One thing that separates Homeschool planet from the other online planners is that it is the by far the most user friendly app!! I watched just a couple short YouTube videos and I then entered in 3 months of lessons for 3 kids. I LOVE the reports. They are so customizable. Homeschool planet really gave me back my Sunday nights!! So happy to have the best planner

Testimony from Lisa B

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I finished homeschooling nearly two years ago, but keep my Homeschool Planet because I’ve never found an online planner that I like better. I may even use it on my return to professional life and modify it from ‘students’ to ‘clients.’

Testimonial from A B

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This is the best planner for homeschooling I have found. We change things up a lot and at the last minute. I love that I don’t have to rewrite anything. I can just move it! I also love the option of purchasing lesson plans. For the time this saves me, it is more than worth the annual fee!

Testimonial by N L

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I love Homeschool Planet.  It was the answer I needed to staying on track and keeping all the children’s schedules in order.  There are so many features that I love about it.

Testimonial by E J

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“Homeschool Planet changed my life in such a positive way.  I struggle with keeping on track and following through with plans.  Homeschool Planet allows me to plan out a whole semester at a time for each child (I have 7) with color coding and grading set up and reminders.  It also emails each child, and me as well, with what is planned for that day.  I can add links to youtube videos or attach documents for them to read or watch.  I can also keep track of hours spent on each subject, which is mandatory in my state.  I am able to make transcripts for my kids, keep book lists, and it also calculates grades; all I have to do is plug in the parameters and it does the rest.  This is well worth the money as it has saved my sanity, and can you really put a price on that?  My kids love it too; no more wishy washy mom saying, I thought I told you to do that.  They can pull up their calendar and look to see if they were right. They usually are.  I have shared this gem with every homeschool mom I come in contact with as well as on the homeschooling facebook pages that I am a member.”