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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimonial by Janet Lister

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Homeschool Planet has been so instrumental in keeping my child on track with her classes. It tells exactly what she is to do each day and makes grade-keeping and reporting so easy! This program has allowed me to focus on teaching her rather than having to develop my own lesson plans and spending so much time record-keeping. Homeschool Planet is a vital resource to my homeschooling success!

Testimonial by Amber Fischer

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I have loved Homeschool Planet!!! It has made organizing school for three kids so easy! I love that if we miss a day I can easily shift everything down, or if we work ahead, I can easily move everything up! Easiest and best homeschool planner ever!!!

Testimonial from Melissa H

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I’m a homeschooling mom of four and I also work part time. I used to spend 4-6 hours every 6 weeks planning out our schoolwork, but decided to try using Homeschool Planet this school year. WOW! I am IN LOVE with this planner! Now my 6-week planning sessions only take 90 minutes and I can plan BETTER with our entire school year at my fingertips. We school through a charter, and I have to submit work records once per month. I used to have to write out all of our coursework by hand, but with Homeschool Planet I can print out our work in seconds and move on with my life! My friends and family ask me often, “How do you do it all?” And my answer is Homeschool Planet! Definitely money well spent.

Testimonial from Karen B.

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I wish I had discovered Homeschool Planet earlier in my homeschooling journey. This planning system has made my life so much easier. My children appreciate the organized daily lists of work. I appreciate that I can easily add my own subjects and assignments with ease. I recommend it to everyone. I will definitely use this for the rest of my homeschooling.

Testimonial by Emma Noel

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Homeschool Planet has made planning for multiple students so much simpler! We have a large family, and kids in grades K-12. Homeschool Plans net has reduced the amount of time I spend planning, and has just made the entire process go more smoothly. The flexibility of adding or subtracting a day, the pre-made lesson plans we can purchase, and the option to combine students in class have truly saved me hours and hours of time.

Testimony by Anita C.

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I stumbled across Homeschool Planet Planner system last summer. I have been a homeschool mom for 13 years, and the Homeschool Planet Planner is the best lesson-organizing tool I have ever used. I love that I can plan ahead and yet change things as we go. If we didn’t get an assignment done, I have the option to place it on another day, cancel it or whatever. It’s flexible. My daughter loves that her week is all mapped out for her and knows exactly what is expected each day. It is a great tool with wonderful flexibility. The learning curve is not too bad either.

Testimony by Gramma Cathy

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Homeschool Planet has made all the difference in our homeschool this year!! My kids know what we are doing for the day so I don’t need to answer the same question a gazillion times each day. It is super easy to change up the schedule when something unexpected happens in our life….like a fun field trip! The lessons plans have made it so easy to have two kids use the plan without pre-work by me. I’m still learning new and useful ways to utilize HSP and know we will continue to use this in our homeschool!! Oh, and I have extended using HSP to meal planning by making a calendar for that….link to recipes, and create shopping list too!! Woohoo!

Testimony by Mom to Two!

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Just get it! You won’t be sorry! I don’t know why anyone would want to use a handwritten planner. This is so much better, and neater, and organized and official, and adaptable…..just get it.

Testimony by Kalanit Chappell

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Homeschool Planet has been an organizational and time saver from the start. Once I learned how to use its extensive features, it has taken the work out of distributing lessons over quarters, semesters, and the entire school year; recording time spent schooling; calculating grades; and moving lessons around due to not finishing, taking the day off, or spending extra time on rabbit holes. My daughter loves that I print out each day so that she has an idea of what we will be learning. The color coding helps organize which assignments below to which subjects. I don’t know how I homeschooled without it. It has really made life so much easier.

Testimony by Tracy Shafer

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I have thoroughly enjoyed using Homeschool Planet. In the past, I recorded our lessons after the fact, but HP keeps us up to date. Since I am a new user, I haven’t explored all the functions of the program; I use it simply to schedule our school lessons. I have been able to purchase and download a few pre-made lesson plans, and creating my own lesson plans have been very easy. I will continue to use HP until the end of the school year.

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