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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimonial by Lindy Botha – South Africa

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I really enjoy using homeschool planet. It has many features that other free software does not have and it helps to organise my day and helps me not to forget anything. I have 4 kids so it can get a bit hectic if I don’t know what’s going on or what’s next. I love the fact that it also enables children to do their work independantly and then check off their work. There are some features that does not work as expected, but their support is very good and usually they have a work around for features that are not included yet.

Testimonial by Carlea B

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This is my first year homeschooling. I spent the first 3/4 of the year keeping track of lesson plans in an Excel spreadsheet. I worked fine, but had its limits. I saw other homeschool families post about how helpful Homeschool Planet was so I gave it a try. It takes some work to set it up and I’m still learning how to best use it, but I must say that it is a true gamechanger. It makes planning SO MUCH EASIER. It is so dynamic in all the different ways it allows you to create and change your plans as needed. The makers have thought of every contingency and made this tool able agile enough to work with YOU. There’s very little of you having to twist yourself into its system. You can make it work the way you work.

Testimonial by Wendy S.

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-With Homeschool Planet, we now have everything in one place and it is accessible to the whole family. With the option to add everyone as a user, there is no confusion about schedules or assignments.
-My daughter has learned to use this very easily, she likes how the websites & resources are easily listed right in the assignment area. With one click, she is at the resource she needs.
-With Homeschool Planet, you get so many useful features. Among my favorites are the grading helper, the To-do list widget, the messaging widget, and the ability to print reports.
-This program makes it easy to plan the school year, make changes as necessary, track time spent on lessons individually or the class as a whole.
-I will definitely keep using Homeschool Planet.

Testimonial by Elizabeth

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This is such a helpful tool! I have multiple children and it was quite challenging organizing lesson plans and staying on top of everyone’s work. Homeschool Planet has streamlined so much work and has saved me a ton of time.

Testimonial by J.R.

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I am so glad I found this planner! It has exactly what I was looking for: a way to easily shift assignments when they haven’t been completed on time, as well as shifting everything else forward. And if we get ahead, I can shift the assignments the other way. Another feature I love is that you can choose which days are holidays, so you get a more accurate idea of whether or not you’ll be finishing your courses on time. I typically use a paper planner, but when you’ve got a kid with ADHD who can’t always focus enough to get everything done, it’s way easier to just click a button and shift everything, rather than erasing on my paper planner. 🙂

Testimonial by Laura W.

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I like using Homeschool Planet Planner. There are many options from purchasing the lesson plans to creating your own. I have purchased many lesson plans and have have added them to the calendar. It was very easy. My 2022 – 2023 year is now partially planned. Very easy to use.

Testimonial by Carrie E C Haines

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I had tried several digital planners in the weeks leading up to finding Homeschool Planet. I needed one that my daughter could access while at her father’s house, but nothing seemed to fit our needs. So many of them were hard to learn to use, or my daughter’s stepmom couldn’t access them (which was also important for us). Finally, I found Homeschool Planet and decided that I’d give it a try. I immediately loved it. I have a 9th grader and 2 1st graders, so I intend to use my 9th grader’s lesson plans for my 2 1st graders when it’s time, so being able to save the lesson plans that I spend a lot of time entering, is a great feature! It’s also nice that I can set it up so that my kids get emails every morning with a list of the work they have to do that day. I love that I can pick and choose what student and what class I want displayed on the calendar, to help keep things from getting too crowded. Once one of my kids finishes one class, I can uncheck it and check the next one for them to complete. And, since you can track your kids’ class hours, it makes giving credits and transcripts so much easier for highschoolers. I will continue using Homeschool Planner for years to come!

Testimonial by Ashley

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After trying many different paper and online planners, I discovered Homeschool Planet and it has truly been a game changer! One of my favorite features is how easy it is to make adjustments to plans and assignments when the inevitable disruptions and changes in schedules occur. I highly recomment Homeschool Planet to anyone who is looking for a solution to coordinating the beautiful chaos that is homeschool life.

Testimonial by Janet Lister

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Homeschool Planet has been so instrumental in keeping my child on track with her classes. It tells exactly what she is to do each day and makes grade-keeping and reporting so easy! This program has allowed me to focus on teaching her rather than having to develop my own lesson plans and spending so much time record-keeping. Homeschool Planet is a vital resource to my homeschooling success!

Testimonial by Amber Fischer

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I have loved Homeschool Planet!!! It has made organizing school for three kids so easy! I love that if we miss a day I can easily shift everything down, or if we work ahead, I can easily move everything up! Easiest and best homeschool planner ever!!!

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