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Testimonials from Planeteers

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Testimonial by Jill Haskins

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Homeschool Planet has been a game changer for me. It tracks student progress, allows for the flexibility of life, and keeps all student data in one place. It’s easy to use and extremely intuitive. Not only is it a great product, but if you need help, the team at Homeschool Planet is amazing to work with. They listen carefully and work with you until you feel confident with what you are doing. 100% would recommend to my family and friends.

Testimonial by Jess K

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I absolutely love the Homeschool Planet planner! It has made all the difference in our homeschool. It saves me so much time trying to figure out how much my kids are supposed to do each day, in order to be done by the end of our school year. I can also add in all of our holidays etc. When we miss a day or do extra work, it’s so easy to move assignments around and work around our schedule. I also love love love the lesson plans. They include links to videos, games, or extra practice activities (Math Mammoth). One of the best things about Homeschool Planet is it keeps us on track and accountable and lessens the arguing with my kids about how much/what work needs to be done that day. They can login and see exactly what’s expected of them for the day. I wouldn’t want to homeschool without it!

Testimonial by Evelyn Kennedy

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We love it! My kids love that they can log in and see what they are working on. It is very user friendly and It makes planning so much easier and less time consuming than the other programs that I have used. I like that I can stay on top of things and spend more time on other things.

Testimonial by Laura Del

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Homeschool planet has revolutionised my weekends and school breaks! I plan everything at the start of the year using either lesson plans or my own schedule, and then I don’t have to spend time looking over the coming week and planning. The lesson plans have been a game changer too, and I tend to choose programs that have HP lesson plans now. It just makes everything so much easier. If we get behind it’s obvious straight away- no nasty end of quarter/end of year surprises. And I can add or take away tasks so easily. It’s truly worth every penny!

Testimonial by porter2007

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After trying multiple different online syllabus, grade book, attendance system, we finally settled on Homeschool Planet. Our twin girls like the ease of use of the program to access their lessons via the planner. For the student side, it is straight forward and no slow-downs, no glitches – nothing. On the parent side, the use of the program to enter in the syllabi is pretty easy to work with. It takes very minutes of trial and error before entering everything in and becomes a natural flow. With the settings set-up correctly, keeping attendance is a breeze, plus you can easily see how long your student is taking for each class. The reports are pretty easy to work with and, for the most part, easily adjustable to fit your needs. Reports include attendance, grade report, transcription, and classes (with or without individual lessons). The only down side I have seen with Homeschool Planet is on initial log-in for the day, most sites are up and running within 30 seconds. Homeschool Planet (even from the very first day of starting with the program) takes anywhere from 1 – 2 minutes to be up and running. However, since this is literally my only complaint, it is well worth it! Overall, I would suggest to anyone homeschooling their children to utilize this for all of your administrative needs. It is even (with a little) work able to combine online with offline classes. This is how we use it. The links are either to 1) a website for their lesson, or 2) a link to a PDF document for them to go into to complete their lesson. Due to my one and only complaint, I give it 4.75 stars! Give it a try – I am sure you will find it has everything you have been looking for.

Testimonial by Maria Escobar

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Homeschool Planet is a must for our family. Keeps all assignments on track. The ability to add my other calendars was a huge game changer. Highly recommend for busy moms.

Testimonial by Emma Krull

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Homeschool Planet has taken a lot of stress off of my shoulders. We are able to make adjustments to our schedule as we go without having to sit down and completely redo our schedule. It is easy to take a day or two off for travel and shift assignments or remove assignments.. My kids and I are a lot more relaxed with added flexibility to our plans. I have used other physical and online planners. Nothing I have used provided the rescheduling helper feature. It was hard to shift our start and end dates and I was overwhelmed with changes to our schedule. I often pushed through a lesson plan just to stay on schedule. I will continue to use Homeschool Planet for as long as possible. I love being able to tally hours/days in relation to our State’s requirements(which are easily viewed in our online planner). I also love being able to print our schedule out daily and add notes.

Testimonial by Theresa

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This program has made my planning so much easier. Let’s be honest – our days are always changing – which meant lots of crossing out/erasing and revising the lesson schedule on paper. Not only does this easily reschedule things automatically for me but I have a quick reference of what we’ve done when prepping our quarterly reports. Thank you so much Homeschool Planet team!

Testimonial by Lindy Botha – South Africa

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I really enjoy using homeschool planet. It has many features that other free software does not have and it helps to organise my day and helps me not to forget anything. I have 4 kids so it can get a bit hectic if I don’t know what’s going on or what’s next. I love the fact that it also enables children to do their work independantly and then check off their work. There are some features that does not work as expected, but their support is very good and usually they have a work around for features that are not included yet.

Testimonial by Carlea B

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This is my first year homeschooling. I spent the first 3/4 of the year keeping track of lesson plans in an Excel spreadsheet. I worked fine, but had its limits. I saw other homeschool families post about how helpful Homeschool Planet was so I gave it a try. It takes some work to set it up and I’m still learning how to best use it, but I must say that it is a true gamechanger. It makes planning SO MUCH EASIER. It is so dynamic in all the different ways it allows you to create and change your plans as needed. The makers have thought of every contingency and made this tool able agile enough to work with YOU. There’s very little of you having to twist yourself into its system. You can make it work the way you work.