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How to Create a 4-Year High School Plan for Your Student

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The idea of forecasting your child’s course of study four years before he or she graduates can feel like an overwhelming task. You still may see your child as too young and immature to be wrestling with the ideas of Aristotle or delivering a convincing speech on the
impact that homesteading has on the environment. The one thing we can rest assured of is that our children will grow whether we as parents are prepared or not. Equip your child for the future by preparing for the challenges ahead with this tutorial on how to create a 4-year high school plan.

Parent Guide to Creating a 4-Year High School Plan

It is important to think about high school before it happens. It is important to create a 4-year high school plan for your student. This exercise will help your child know what to expect and it will keep you as a parent from scrambling your child’s senior year to cover credits you missed. Being strategic, will bring both you and your student peace and confidence during these crucial years.

These are your final four years homeschooling this child. I know you don’t want to be stressed. Plan to be strategic so that you can enjoy these years and not dread them.

Ask Questions

As you prepare your 4-year high school plan, you should include your student in the process. You will have much more success in getting your child to complete the necessary tasks to finish high school strong, if he or she is part of the process of choosing those tasks to be completed.

Homeschooling is different from classic, public schooling in so many ways. It allows for a greater flexibility in schedule and in content. Here are just a few strategic things that parents must keep in mind while preparing their child’s 4-year high school plan.

  1. Flexible High School Credits: Many states allow for creativity in which sciences you choose to complete in high school. You may have a child that would thrive taking a science in forensics but would find physics boring.
  2. Completing College Credits Early: Some states have programs that make testing out of college courses very affordable if completed in high school.
  3. Career Aspirations and Scholarships: As a parent, you will need to keep both your child’s future career aspirations in mind, as well as scholarships necessary to pay for the education to get your student in that career field.

The FREE Homeschool Parent’s Guide to Creating a Strategic 4-Year High School Plan will walk you through these pertinent questions and more!

Parent Guide to Creating a 4-Year High School Plan

Stay Flexible

The Homeschool Parent’s Guide to Creating a Strategic 4-Year High School Plan is free to download. This tool will instruct you as you process what the final four years of your child’s education will look like. You will take into account both state standards, your personal standards, and what your child’s college course of study will require for entry.

Your student may not have his or her career chosen yet, and that is perfectly natural at such a young age. We have included a career exploration mind map to help explore what career fields might fit his or her interests and skill sets currently.

The best thing about creating a 4-year high school plan is that it is meant to be flexible. You are encouraged to revisit your 4-year plan annually at a minimum in order to keep your student on track or change course if necessary. The 4-year plan is meant to serve you and your child. It is not written in stone. It can change as much or as little as you need it to in order to set both you and your student up for success.

Download the FREE 4-Year High School Plan Parent Guide

What can you expect? This free, downloadable parent aid includes the following:

  • Guidance for strategic planning
  • Career exploration mind map
  • One example 4-year high school plan
  • Two blank 4-year high school plans

Complete the form below to receive your FREE copy of The Homeschool Parent’s Guide to Creating a Strategic 4-Year High School Plan.

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Free Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers

Social Media Rules and Internet Safety Guide for Teenagers

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The Era of Social Media

I remember the beginnings of Facebook when it still required a college email address to log into the network. Back then it was only about talking with the friends and family you knew. Social media rules and internet safety wasn’t being talked about yet.

Now the world of Facebook has grown exponentially, and the goal isn’t necessarily to keep up with those people you know in “real life.” Facebook is now about interacting with and meeting people you don’t know and will never meet. The world of social media has grown well beyond Facebook. The apps are endless and new are being developed every day.

The Dangers of Search Engines

Search engines may have more educational benefit than social media for students, but search engines come with their own very serious dangers and addictions. It is good to be aware of the pros and cons of the technological tools that we have at our disposal. It is even better to plan how you will train your children or teenagers to wield these tools for their productivity and not to their detriment.

Free Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers


We know the dangers of social media and the internet, but we aren’t always sure how to protect our children from these dangers. Some parents choose to not allow their children access to social media until they are adults. Other parents may choose to meter out how much social media access their children have while they are still in the home in an effort to help their children learn how to use social media appropriately under their purview. Each parent must make the decision that is right for his or her family. We have provided you a FREE tool here to help you guide your teenagers as they learn to use the interned and social media.

FREE Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers

With so many more teens and kids online for school and having smartphones, internet safety measures are becoming increasingly more necessary. One way to encourage safety online is to have an open discussion and mutual agreement. If you are unsure where to begin or would like a tool to help you out then we have your covered!

Download this FREE Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers today and start feeling more confident on your child facing the online world.

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4 Year Plan Square

The Fun at Home Free Printable Pack

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Do you ever hear, “I’m bored,” come out of your children’s mouths during the day? I think every mom of littles has found herself trying to entertain and educate at the same time. It can be stressful, to hear that phrase over and over again, so it is important to plan your strategy to combat the boredom monster. Utilize this Fun at Home Free Printable Pack to engage your children when you finish your homeschool day early or even on a weekend when you just don’t want your children in front of the television.

Fun at Home Printable Pack PIN

It can be really difficult to think of ways to entertain littles. Busy boxes or sensory activities are a great way to engage your child but cost money and make messes. When the weather is good you might like to get your children outside and guided play can help focus their attention, stay off the boredom monster, and educate the mind all at the same time.

The Fun at Home Printable Pack

What can you expect to receive when you download your FREE Fun at Home Printable Pack?

  • Stay at Home BINGO
  • Five Senses Around the House Hunt
  • Backyard Scavenger Hunt

No need to buy anything to play at home. Send your child off to explore around the house and outdoors. Print off multiple copies for multiple children whether they are your own, from the neighborhood, or even part of a co-op. Just print and play the FREE Fun at Home Printable Pack today!

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In less than an hour you can buy all your curriculum, download your lesson plans into a digital planner, and watch the Quick Start video on how to homeschool like an expert so you can school from home immediately- all with a ready-made school bundle for the grade level of your choice. Make your job easier and pick the bundle that’s best for you.

Election Activity Pack SQUARE

FREE Election Printable Pack

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Election Activity Pack PIN

FREE Election Printable Pack

Teach your kids about what an election is and how it works with this fun printable pack. There are mock election sheets to host your own election with your family or homeschool group. There are election ballets, voter registration play cards to fill out and notebooking pages.

Parts of Speech Free Printable Square

Parts of Speech & Punctuation Quick Reference Guide

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No matter how many times we drill the parts of speech, punctuation, and other grammar rules my kids still forget these on the fly when they are completing their writing assignments or grammar workbook.

Many parents believe that memorization is the key, but even as adults we forget little things and jump to our hand-held search engines to find a quick answer. I do this regularly for math problems!

It can be a good thing to share tools with our students, whether it be a calculator, map, chart, or a quick reference guide like this one, to aid them as they complete their school work. These can help boost confidence and efficiency in your child’s abilities to finish his assignments, instead of leaving him frustrated because he struggles to recall something simple.

Parts of Speech Free Printable PIN

FREE Parts of Speech and Punctuation Quick Reference Guide

There is no need to feel like a failure if your child works better with “cheat sheets.” Grammar and punctuation rules can be hard to keep track of sometimes. Kids can get confused with new terminology and freeze up when faced with a certain task if they don’t remember. This is where quick reference guides or “cheat sheets” can come in handy.

Our free printable can be a great reference for a child that needs some help remembering what they have learned. They can quickly glance at the sheet in their notebook or hanging on a wall. Next time they may actually remember it!

By entering your information below you will be able to download a copy of Homeschool Planet’s FREE Parts of Speech and Punctuation Quick Reference Guide. Laminate this quick reference guide for long term use so that it can withstand wear and tear. Hang it in the school room or tuck it into your child’s notebook so he knows where to find it when he needs it.

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