It’s Time to Demystify Menstruation for Good: Know Your Body, Period.

You might be familiar with my work as a naturopathic doctor or my Human Body Detectives series; however, the Know Your Body, Period course for girls ages ten and up is extremely special to me.

Demystify Menstruation: Periods are Powerful

Years ago, when my daughters were on the brink of puberty, I searched for healthy, holistic-minded books appropriate for their ages. Though there were several “what to expect” types of books out there that highlighted the physical and emotional changes of puberty; however, I found none that guided girls to understand the physiological changes during a 28-day menstrual cycle (that included hormone definitions), how these hormones benefit us beyond reproduction, and how we can support them via healthy nutrition and exercise. Knowledge is power. I wanted my girls to understand how their bodies work because I felt they would be encouraged to nourish their bodies well, experience healthy puberty, and support their cycles through their adult lives.

And the medical establishment is thinking the same. In a December 2015 article, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) points to the menstrual cycle as a vital sign of adolescent well-being and emphasizes its importance in assessing a girl’s overall health.

It’s essential to dive deeper into understanding how our bodies work, that women’s physiology is not just for reproduction, that all of our hormones have superpowers, and how best to nourish these hormones. Below are some alarming statistics about teenage girls and young women that show the importance of educating our young women on this topic:

  • 14% of teens skip school because of period symptoms.
  • 90% of girls are affected by PMS, which may hinder their everyday lives.
  • 50% of teenage girls develop acne, affecting body image and confidence.
  • 21% of women are diagnosed with PCOs, and 10% with endometriosis.

At first, the Know Your Body, Period course was intended for preteens and teens, but I soon learned that women in their 20s, and 30s (moms included), wanted to know the information as well. I have even had moms with boys reach out regarding the course; it would be wonderful to pass this knowledge on to boys and young men!

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I say this to all my patients: the body does not want to be sick and continually strives to maintain balance to stay strong, resilient, and healthy. I have found that the more aware people are of how their bodies work, the more likely they will make smart lifestyle choices. With this knowledge, you build trust in your body’s power, and THIS is preventative healing. It’s lifetime work, but young women are getting a head start by taking this class. Knowing that your body has your back when fully supported can keep women physically and mentally healthy. When natural discomforts, such as cramps or headaches, arise with menstruation–“that time of the month”–and one feels like their body is doing anything but having their back, the tools presented in this course will be a fantastic reminder of the ways to support our body.

When we demystify the female anatomy and physiology, girls and young women are empowered to take care of themselves, feel more comfortable in their bodies, and claim their feminine vitality for a lifetime of health. This is my goal for Know Your Body, Period.

To learn more, check out the Know Your Body, Period Teacher Training.

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