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Purchasing Plug-In Lesson Plans

Are you looking for more plug-in lesson plans after seeing how quick and easy our professionally designed plug-in lesson plans make scheduling out your entire year? Thankfully, finding plans is as easy as applying them! Find the directions to get started locating lesson plans and populating your calendar today below!

User Guide for Homeschool Planet Lesson Plans

Finding Plug-in Lesson Plans

All of Homeschool Planet’s plug-in lesson plans can be found in the Lesson Plan & Curriculum Marketplace, which is located here.

You can also access the Marketplace from your planner by selecting the “Homeschool Planet” logo in the upper left corner. Clicking the logo will directly bring you to the marketplace. From there, explore through the lesson plans by category or search for lesson plans with the search bar near the top of the page above the categories. 

Once you have arrived on the Lesson Plan Family page you will find a description of the lesson plan as well as screenshots to show you how the plans will appear on the Calendar. Additionally, you will find a list of what is included in the lesson plan, under the section What you Get. While a few of our lessons plans have curriculum embedded or downloadable, most do not include curriculum. You will find a note which will confirm whether curriculum is included or not. To learn more about the curriculum the lesson plan is for check to see if there is a “More info” link on the individual plan. This link may even provide an affiliate link directly to the curricula which corresponds to the lesson plan for ease in purchasing.

Not able to find the lesson plan you are looking for? Drop us a note at and we will be happy to add your request to our list of requested lesson plans!

Finding the Marketplace Screenshots

Screenshot demonstrating that the Homeschool Planet logo is a link to take you to the home page.

Lesson Plan Video Tutorial:

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions at We are here to help you!

For more information about using Lesson Plans in your your Homeschool Planet account see the following entries:

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