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Have you ever noticed that what the weather looks like out the window isn’t necessarily an accurate gauge of the actual temperature! Sometimes a bright sunshiny day is bitter cold and sometimes a rainy day is as hot as Mississippi in the middle of a summer rainstorm!  Granted, we can make a good guess based on the season of the year and the temperature yesterday but often we find the weather isn’t what we expected. The Homeschool Planet Weather Widget gives you an accurate analysis of the weather with a quick glance at your screen!

Setting up the Weather Widget

  • To add a Weather Widget to your desktop select the add a widget button and then from the drop down menu that reads, “Choose a Widget” select Weather.
  • To find the weather report for your local area click on the Zip code next to “Weather for”, enter the 5 digit Zip code you wish a weather report and then choose F (for Fahrenheit) or C (For Celsius), and select OK.
  • You may open Weather Widgets for as many Zip codes as you wish.
  • That’s all there is to it! Really!

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Weather Widget Video Tutorial

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