Learn From The Past. Explore The Future.

Helping your kids learn from the past and explore the future is a tall order sometimes, isn’t it? 

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Your best ideas come in the shower. Your kids feel like they know they are right, but no one will believe them? People in your family get grumpy when doing difficult science or math problems? 

Guess what! Your family has something in common with three very famous scientists! 

Science Curriculum

The Let’s Study Great Scientists, by Captivating Compass is the perfect online ‘curriculum included’  lesson plan on Homeschool Planet to help your family learn from the past and explore the future.

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Use Museums To Study Great Scientists – No Matter Where You Are Or Where You’re Going.

I want to share a story with you. Maybe you will find answers to help eliminate the struggle you may be having with science and field trips in your homeschool.

As a digital nomad, homeschooling family, we travel quite a bit and use the world as our textbook. It is the ‘spine text’ for our homeschool.  But, after quite a few ‘family field trips’ to world-famous museums, I realized we were not well prepared for the level of knowledge and understanding of the people and places that made the museum famous. This surprised me, because we study science, history, geography, and everything else every day. What was the root of this problem?

I was finding that my kids seemed uninterested in the exhibits. Honestly the seem bored, or just walked around like zombies. They didn’t have an accessible and transferable understanding of what they were looking and interacting with. They struggled connecting science to its place in history. From a homeschool academic perspective I was frustrated that we were not meeting our academic goals. As a traveling family, it often felt like a waste of time and money to even go visit some of the museums. 


What I finally realized is that they were not so much uninterested, but they were overwhelmed. They lacked focus because they were being bombarded by so much excellent information at the museums, it became a museum and academic overload. They checked out. 

Becoming intentional in our museum visits became my top academic priority. Through research and careful planning, I found the most delightful resources. These became the core of the Let’s Study Great Scientist lesson plans.

Using these science resources before, during or after a museum visit, I found the kids responded with excitement and expectation of what they were going to see and experience on their next field trip. 

They had been given another peg on which to hang new science ideas. It’s exactly what they needed for the next level of deeper understanding of foundational science essentials that would keep them challenged and inspired to keep learning about the world around them.

The Importance of Understanding The Chronology Of Science

Studying the Great Scientists chronologically, by exploring their personal life history, is a remarkable way to study science in-depth. When history & science intersect, the understanding becomes exponential.  Ideas we take for granted now (like gravity, or a heliocentric planetary system), were revolutionary in their time period.  

Expanding on the history, and delving into the personal life of great scientists is the perfect way to learn from the past. Exploring the future becomes the next natural step, especially on science museum field trips, as the ideas of these great scientists are the foundations of continued groundbreaking modern science. 

Newton said it best…

Isaac Newton

Studying the life and works of famous scientists is an enjoyable way to immerse your family in the history, culture and daily living in which these early scientists lived.  Exploring their lives using quotes & copywork is a perfect way to cement all the swirling thoughts about science concepts.

The Isaac Newton Quotes & Copywork FREE Companion Resource

Science curriculum

The Isaac Newton Quotes and Copywork is a companion resource to use alongside your Let’s Study Great Scientists lessons.  This 20+ page download of Isaac Newton Quotes & Copywork includes short activities to create opportunities for discussion and to help cement science facts in a unique and creative way. 

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Learn from the Past. Explore the Future.