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FREE Science Lab Sheet {for subscribers}

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When homeschool parents are surveyed, science seems to be the most avoided school subject by homeschooling parents. We know we need to do it, but it can be intimidating, especially if it is just not in your “wheel house.” Whether it is the content itself, or the need to add in the experiments for hands on learning, science can feel overwhelming to tackle each year. Whether we enjoy it or not, we know our kids need this subject to understand the world around them, their own bodies, and more!

Block Scheduling Science Classes

In our homeschool we prefer to block schedule our science classes. We do all of our science during the summer. This allows us to fully immerse ourselves in this class and knock it out all at once. This lightens our class burden during the year.

This can be more difficult for the high school student who must complete a certain number of lab hours for his or her transcript. However, block scheduling science even in high school is possible as long as you account for that extra time that must be cataloged. To learn more about how to block schedule your homeschool using your Homeschool Planet Online Planner, click here.

Free Science Lab Sheet PIN

FREE Science Lab Sheet

We know that teaching our children about the scientific method is important. Providing your child with the right tools for their experiments can help them feel confident in their ability to complete their experiments correctly. The cost of microscopes can be a challenge, the ick-factor of dissections can be a deterrent, but the delight a child takes in learning about their world makes it all worth it. Homeschool Planet’s free science lab sheet is available to download for subscribers. This simple lab sheet printable will help your kids to follow the steps of an experiment from hypothesis to conclusion in one easy step.