Social Media Rules and Internet Safety Guide for Teenagers

The Era of Social Media

I remember the beginnings of Facebook when it still required a college email address to log into the network. Back then it was only about talking with the friends and family you knew. Social media rules and internet safety wasn’t being talked about yet.

Now the world of Facebook has grown exponentially, and the goal isn’t necessarily to keep up with those people you know in “real life.” Facebook is now about interacting with and meeting people you don’t know and will never meet. The world of social media has grown well beyond Facebook. The apps are endless and new are being developed every day.

The Dangers of Search Engines

Search engines may have more educational benefit than social media for students, but search engines come with their own very serious dangers and addictions. It is good to be aware of the pros and cons of the technological tools that we have at our disposal. It is even better to plan how you will train your children or teenagers to wield these tools for their productivity and not to their detriment.

Free Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers


We know the dangers of social media and the internet, but we aren’t always sure how to protect our children from these dangers. Some parents choose to not allow their children access to social media until they are adults. Other parents may choose to meter out how much social media access their children have while they are still in the home in an effort to help their children learn how to use social media appropriately under their purview. Each parent must make the decision that is right for his or her family. We have provided you a FREE tool here to help you guide your teenagers as they learn to use the interned and social media.

FREE Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers

With so many more teens and kids online for school and having smartphones, internet safety measures are becoming increasingly more necessary. One way to encourage safety online is to have an open discussion and mutual agreement. If you are unsure where to begin or would like a tool to help you out then we have your covered!

Download this FREE Internet Safety Guide and Social Media Rules for Teenagers today and start feeling more confident on your child facing the online world.

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