5 Important Tips for Homeschool Record Keeping

Are you left with a stack of unsorted papers at the end of the year? Like many moms, I had to fumble my way through a year’s worth of tests, quizzes and reports, in order to comprise final grade cards and eventually transcripts. In the beginning of my homeschool life, I didn’t want to throw anything away, but I didn’t know hot to go about record keeping.

5 Tips for Homeschool Record Keeping

Eventually, I learned how to keep records for the purpose of year end assessments, grade cards, and transcripts with little to no paper taking up boxes in my basement.

Getting Started With Records Of Learning In your Homeschool

Before I share my best tips for how to keep track of all the records in your homeschool, it is important that you know WHAT you need to keep.

The reality is that the requirements for homeschool records, portfolios, and transcripts vary greatly from state to state, and from child to child.

For example, a child homeschooling through an umbrella school in California will require a very different set of records than a child child unschooling in Texas.

State Requirements For Homeschool Records

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has a wonderful resource to help you determine exactly what homeschool statutes in your state require for accurate record keeping. Click on your state in to learn what you need in your location.

Types Of Homeschool Records

Depending on your state, typical homeschool records of learning include:

  • Work Samples and Book Lists
  • Grades by subject and by grade level
  • Attendance and/or hours of instruction tracking
  • Test scores
  • Extra curricular activities

For many families, this gets even more complicated with multiple children and high school transcripts.

Do you need some help keeping track of everything in your homeschool? These tips are sure to help you with this daunting task.

5 Important Tips for Homeschool Record Keeping

1. Start the Year Off Right.

Begin the year with a plan and a file for items you will keep throughout the year. Each of your children should have their own file with their name and semester clearly marked. You may want to included a separate file for each subject. The sooner you start off organized, the better chance you have of staying that way the rest of the year.

2. Sort Regularly.

Not all assignments are required to keep good records. I know this can be tough, but sorting and tossing will keep your records clean and your stress level low. Only keep significant accomplishments, assignments, and tests or any items that have the most impact on grade records.

Some parents do this on a monthly basis, while others do it on a quarterly or semester basis. Either way, it is better than waiting until the end of the year, and the beginning of summer break!

3. Get Your Kids Involved.

If your child is old enough, then you may want to get your child in on the record keeping action. All your child the chance to file items significant to him. If you provide tests, once your child sees the graded test then you can have him file it away. I especially like this since it reinforces the routine of staying organized for both me and my child.

4. Do it Your Way.

Homeschooling is personal and customized to a family’s needs. While record keeping is practical, there isn’t only one right way to keep records. If color coding works for you then color your records like a rainbow.

If you prefer to keep minimal records by only recording final grades then go for it.

If you want to keep a scrapbook of your child’s work then create a library of your homeschool journey. Whatever you do, just do it in a way that brings you satisfaction and joy.

5. Use Homeschool Planet for Heavy Lifting.

This is by far the solution that will aid you the most. I know that sounds a bit biased, but let me explain.

While keeping hard copies is a favorite among many, you can leave the work of compiling records and creating grade cards, transcripts and more to Homeschool Planet. It is already the best tool to plan your year but did you know it is also the best tool for wrapping it up?

Homeschool Planet Makes Homeschool Record Keeping Easy

Check out all these ways to easily incorporate this functionality into your Homeschool Planet routine:

Assignment Lists
Class Hours Reports
Class Notes Reports
Grade Reports
Creating Report Cards
Creating Transcripts

Fall in love with Homeschool Planet all over again by using it in a way that it can make your homeschool run smoothly.